When to use oral vs injectible winstrol and the effects on SHBG

Winstrol is very useful for binding an enzyme called "sex hormone binding globulin". SHBG binds testosterone and many injectible forms of anabolic steroids. When SHBG binds hormones, it renders them inactive. Oral winstrol binds this enzyme much better than most other drugs. The injectible form does not have this exceptional ability.

For this reason, low dose oral winstrol does well to make the other injectible steroids used in therapy or in a cycle to be more effective. The term is "free" when the steroid or hormone is not bound by an enzyme.

Low dose oral winstrol in the range of 10-20mg per day help to bind the enzyme. Since winstrol is not a great growth drug, using it for "freeing up" other steroids is a great and strategically effective method to increase the efficacy of performance enhancing drugs. All that is needed in order to obtain a significant reduction in SHBG is .2mg/kg bodyweight per day of oral winstrol. This is only 20mg per day of oral winstrol for a 220lb bodybuilder. I have seen a few athletes use oral winstrol at much higher doseages in the range of 50-100mg per day. Now, obviously this would really whack the liver, but for short term cycles such as 4-8 weeks, could be tremendously beneficial. I have seen college kids eating calzones and drinking beer (not smart for the liver while on anabolics) blow up like they are on testosterone without all the excess water. It was truly amazing.

Oral winstrol at a high dose may be acting to block the effects of SHBG on testosterone as well as acting to stimulate growth and repair through its own mechanisms. "Theoretically", high dose testosterone and high dose oral winstrol should make for a killer combination with respect to maximizing growth while minimizing water retention and bloat. Especially if used with anti-estrogens in order to control the aromatization from the testosterone.