Winstrol Drug Profile

Winstrol is a very interesting drug for many reasons. Aside from the fact that every pretty boy and underware model who uses juice loves this drug, the famout 'winnie' actually has some merit.

Winstrol or winstrol-v is a water based drug similar to testosterone suspension. Stanozolol crystals suspended in a sterilized solution. The half-life of winnie varies greatly in the literature. Concerning half life, here is the simple fact: the bigger the crystals are, the longer the half-life. So, if you use a 'micronized' winstrol such as human grade by zambon, the half-life will be shorter than using a veterinary form of winnie which has big-ass crystals suspended in the water.

The milkier and smoother the solution looks and the longer it takes for the crystals to separate after being shaken, the smaller the crystals. Just remember, tiny crystals dissolve much more readily than larger crystrals. Your bloodstream will also metabolize the smaller crystals much faster.

Small crystals offer two distinct advantages. They will be very rapidly effective, and the shot will not hurt as badly. The larger the crystals, the greater the irritation to the injection site. The only real disadvantage to the finer crystals is that the half-life will be short (1-2 days) and you will probably have to inject winstrol every day in order for it to be really effective.

Conversely, the main advantage of the larger crystals, the longer the half-life and you can probably get away with taking the winnie once every two or even three days. If you do this, however, make sure you take more winnie per shot. Fifty milligrams every three days is not going to do anything. Imagin taking just 50mg of deca or test every three days. It would barely be enough to kill your own testosterone and definitely not enough to make you grow.

Personally, I have done winnie at the dose of 1.5-2cc's every other day with very good results. Winstrol can be used with various drugs depending on the goal. Winstrol has a good anti-progestagenic effect which will help cut down on some of the sex-drive lowering effects of drugs such as nandrolone and trenbolone.

I have found winnie to be more effective when there is more of the drug in the system at any one time, rather than a small amount in the system every day. For example, take 1.5-2cc's every other day rather than one every day. Who wants to poke the hell out of themselves anyway? You will also have less of a chance of injection site irritation and infection if you use the 'micronized' versions of wintrol.

I am never as horny as when I am on a winstrol and testosterone together. Give me some sustanon and some winnie and I am good to go. You will stay lean and grow at the same time and your appetite (for both food and sex) should stay quite high. For me I can always tell when I have a good mixture of drugs working if I have a huge appetite and a huge sex drive. After all, these two parameters are key measures of the functionality of male androgens.

Remember that winnie injectible is still alkylated and as such, will put additional stress on the liver. It is injected, so your body will have more time to metabolize the drug as compared with an oral. However, your liver will still be busy. Just a reminder in case you wanted to stack some heavy orals with an injectible winstrol. Personally, I think ten or so weeks on such a regimen would be plenty long before giving your liver a good two months off alkylated drugs.

For cutting, winsrol works well with trenbolone. As stated earlier, it also serves to dampen tren's tendency to decrease sex drive. So to reiterate, winnie and test for bulking, winnie and tren for cutting (not that you can't also grow well off winnie/tren combo-its all how you eat and train). winstrol oral vs injectible