T3, Cytomel, and your Diet: Accelerated Fat-Loss VS Muscle Catabolism

Thyroid use during dieting is a double edge sword. The reason is T3/Cytomel will accelerate fat-loss as we mentioned but the quantity used is critical to balancing maximal fat-loss with minimal muscle loss. So, how can we tell if the dose is ideal?

Morning basal body temperature is your answer. Think about this two-fold question for a moment:

Is guarding your muscle tissue while you spend tons of money on physique drugs and busting your ass in the gym worth saving for about $10-$15 dollars? And...

If I told you that you could remove dieting and fat loss plateaus, would you be interested?

If you are dieting hard and you are using Cytomel, please, go to your local pharmacy and buy a DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Most research says that your temperature immediately upon sitting up out of bed should be 97.8-98.2 degrees fahrenheit(its not an anabolic chemical name-I'm not responsible for the spelling-lol).

It is actually a good idea to have a reference point before you start dieting i.e. know your resting, normal basal temperature before you diet. Three days is a good minimum for taking a reference temperature. It is important to take your temp right when you wake up, preferably without even getting out of bed. Just keep your digital thermometer next to your nightstand and take your temperature right when your eyes open. This is important because if you get up to use the bathroom, or do any movement for that matter, you will elevate your body temp, and you will have resting temp, not BASAL temperature.

Here is the key to T3/Cytomel/Thyroid use when dieting:

Keep your BASAL temperature in the 97.8-98.2 range. If you are early in your diet and using Cytomel with a BASAL temp above this, diet harder, use less Cytomel, and don't kill so many stimulants and fat burners so early in the diet. Doing so is a sure way to hit a mountain of a fat-loss plateau and none of us will be happy. As long as you are within these temps, you will have the best control over keeping a balance between a revvvvvvvving metabolism yet safeguarding your hard-earned muscle tissue.

Will you lose fat if you jack your temp way up above this range? Yes. But you will be highly likely to hit a fat-loss plateau sooner as well. Tachycardia or rapid heart beat at rest >90 beats per minute (bpm) is a very real side effect of overdosing your Thyroid in general (this can happen with T4/Synthroid or T3 Cytomel). Due to the fat-loss drugs that we combine with the dieting regimen, a more realistic "bodybuilding tachycardic" number would be 100 bpm or more. If this is you when dieting, back off your stuff. Those upregulated beta adrenergic receptors are great on fat cells and muscle cells, but not if one of those muscle is your heart becoming overly sensitized and pounding all the time. Trust me, this is NOT fun. A little thyroid in the right combination goes a long way and cautious and intelligent application makes for a much more comfortable and effective experience.

This is where patience and diligence comes into play. Allowing enough time to lose all the necessary body-fat without rushing increased doseages and increased cardio will help you keep from going catabolic. You will also be healthier and look way, way, way better by the time you reach the end of your dieting/fat-shredding plan.

So what do you do when you have dieted for a few weeks on consistent doseages across the board? Hehe. There are so many variable to play with. How long can you stay DIET DISCIPLINED? Getting shredded is a matter of cellular environment, not genetics. Ouch!! Did I say that-YES!! We are using assistance, the only way to fail is to:

1. Get lazy and give up or slack off 2. Fail to apply the proper science based/plateau avoiding/knowledge/experience/fact-based/empirical and academic fat-loss TRUTHS 3. Get into a daily ego battle with that Japanese hot-dog-eating champion from a few years ago. Did anyone else see that?! That dude was less than 140lbs!!