Understanding Anabolic and Androgenic Properties

Testosterone is the best drug to gain-muscle-mass. It is the gold standard. Remember the best way to assess an anabolic sterooid is to look at its anabolic/androgenic ratio. Remember, also, that the easiest way to do this is to look at each category (androgenic or anabolic) as having a potential of 1000 maximum points.

Testosterone is the gold standard reference at 1000/1000. If you look in the literature, you will eventually find this ratio is derived from the amount of weight (in grams) that a rat...yes a rat's ventral prostate grows (androgenic marker) versus a whacky muscle called the levator anni. Who cares? Even being the nerd I am, this is some dry stuff. But hold on...

Lets get to the significance of this. The levator anni is a muscle on the rat that is sensitive to the anabolic affect of whatever drug you are testing. The prostate, just like the prostate in man, is a good marker for androgenic activity (specifically PSA-prostate-specific-antigen in the human-that is another story). So, what scientists do is the following:

1. take a rat 2. juice the rat up with some anabolic drug 3. measure the mass (in gram weight) difference at pre-treatment with the drug, and post-treatment of the ventral prostate as well as the levator anni muscle. 4. The bigger the difference between weight of the levator anni (anabolic) and the ventral prostate (androgenic)-the more "anabolic the drug".

This is one caveat: Understand that this is a ratio, not an absolute. So, if the drug makes the rat's levator anni muscle grow to, lets say .5grams, and testosterone is known to grow this muscle to 1.0grams, well then...this particular drug is 1/2 as anabolic as testosterone. One half the muscle growth with standardized dose and duration = a comparison ratio. Although this is not often known to this extent of detail, it is extremely important for YOUR goals and underground education. How many times in your juice experience have you heard or read, "deca is more anabolic than test". Or, "primo is one of the most anabolic drugs." Or, "winstrol is slighly more anabolic than blablablabla." Well, in ratio, yes. Hang on a sec, what about the androgenic? You already know-same procedure, different tissue weighed:

scientist takes slice of ventral prostate from rat, compares weight pre-treatment versus post-treatment...and whazooooo! You have your number to compare androgenic/anabolic ratio.

Lets take an example because you will never be fooled again by anything you read or hear if you grasp this fine point.

ex.1 Lets say that nandrolone is the drug used. This buddy "deca" which is only a form of nandrolone (10 carbon ester chain), makes the rat prostate grow .4grams heavier throughout the drug treatment. The levator anni grows .8grams heavier. Since testosterone is 1:1 Anabolic/Catabolic ratio, this makes the RATIO of nandrolone more anabolic than testosterone.

.8gram increase of levator anni --------------------------------- = anabolic catabolic .4gram increase of ventral prostate ratio of 2

Remember, testosterone is 1 (1000/10000 anabolic to androgenic points on our theoretical scale).

So, is nandrolone more "anabolic than testosterone? No, actually it is only .8nandrolone/1.0 testosterone = 80% as anabolic as testosterone. Got it? Great. Now you will never be confused or mislead again.

Okay, everyone understand now why testosteron is the gold standard? One reason: the 1000/1000 or 1:1 or anabolic to catabolic ratio of 1. This is why.

That being said, we know the double edged sword rule in anabolics-the most absolute (not relative anabolics are usually the most androgenic)...i.e. the best drugs for growing usually are the most androgenic as well.

Barring any hypersensitive individuals out there (we'll have a special section) lets take a look at growing with testosterone.

If you have done less than a handfull of cycles, say 3 or 4, and your cycles were less than 16 weeks each, you will want a nice novice dose of testosterone to be your base drug to grow with. How much testosterone? Well, most people I know have built quality physiques off consistent use of 500mg-1000mg per week. What ester? Due to the half life of the longer acting testosterone esters (cypionate, enanthate, isocaproate, etc.), being relatively long in duration, above say 500mg per week, the ester DOES NOT MATTER. The reason for this is that by the time you are due for your next injection, you will still have a good portion of the last shot releasing. So your "actitive blood plasma" level of testosterone will be increasing up to a point.

So, we know the dose. If you have not used testosterone much you will want to milk it for all its worth so that you can increase your dose when plateuas come. I've known many people who have grown from 1 sustanon a week (250mg).

If you have done a few cycles and still do not have a "solid juiced up structure" (good 20 qualityh pounds bigger than your fomrer drug free self), and, you are not sensitive to estrogenic side effects, you will get reasonably faster results at 500mg.

Now, I am just saying what I've seen and done, not what you should do. Information purposes...

I've "seen" 500mg work great for many lifters/bodybuilders for a good 1-2 years. Cyclic use of orals while staying on testostosterone is how I have seen the best foundations built.

Lets say you take 500mg of testostosterone for 10-15 weeks, then some hcg, and anti-estrogens/receptor blockers for a month or so to let the testis blow back up, then right back on. Orals such as dianabol or anadrol taken for 6-8 week clips at the beginning of every cycle. This gives you a minimum of 2 weeks off your liver if you are running 10 week testoserone cycles.

Here is where you want to take your liver enhancers such as b-vitamins, extra antioxidants, milk thistle, DIM, TMG, etc. It is a good idea to give the liver at least a full month break each time. 8 weeks is a good upper length of duration to run an oral. And I am assuming no recreational drugs and or alcohol.

You lose a bit of water and bloat when you stop the orals and your bodyweight set-point solidifies. Give the testis quick breather just enough to shock the leydig cells out of atrophy and WHAM!! Back on the testosterone, eating, and lifting progressively to continue to gain-muscle-mass.

If you stay the course for two years or so and ignore all your buddies who "get leaner for the summer", you will be so much more productive than them, build a real physique foundation, and get leaner faster when you finally diet hard because you will have much more extra muscle mass on your frame. What burns more gas, a honda V-6 engine or a BMW 10 Cylinder M5? The extra mass will burn calories and make getting ripped so much easier. Just get big first.