Trenbolone is one of the most potent anabolic steroids available. Well, available to some. This is one of the few truly counterfeited drugs. Trenbolone (tren) has a very high street value for a few reasons. The drugs main value lies in the fact that it is as androgenic if not more than testosterone and stimulates great strength and lean tissue gain, and yet, does not aromatize at any dosage.

The picture on the right is of the old Parabolan by a company called Negma in France. Drug historians will know more than me here, as far as I know though, this drug was discontinued in the last few years. I have not known a single individual who has used this package labeled 'parabolan' with real and favorable results. In its hayday, the legitimate product in question housed trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. This is why meatheads called it, "tren". Since this form is no longer available anywhere on the black market, we will not discuss its pharmacokinetics (interaction and half-life).

The forms of tren that have been consistently available are finaplix pellets made for cattle, and liquid, underground trenbolone acetate. I am aware that there are many internet sites where you can order the pellets and make your own home brew. That is up to you, and I do not advocate it. I know of one very meticulous individual whom makes his own brews. He has never had a problem, but then again, he spends all of his time 'making drugs' for personal use.

I say this, only to make you aware that there are individuals who construct their own brew, put it in a bottle, and try to sell it on the market. Be careful. We are not talking about government sanctioned chemists here. One little impurity and you could be in a lot of trouble upon injection. Remember, you can't grow if you are in a coffin.

Okay, sorry for the lecture about scary fake tren. Back to the cool stuff. Trenbolone acetate has a half-life of 3-5 days in most literature. I would agree. Taking two doses per week (one every third day or so) seems to work well for all but our 260 + 5'8'' gorillas at <10%. Seriously, I have seen this drug work very well on average-consumption steroid users. Personally, I would probably take it twice per week, but larger doses than typically advocated.

What are the doses? Well if you can find a legit product, it will usually contain some tren at a strength of 75-85 mg/ml. Literature says around 225mg per week will suffice for most individuals. I agree here as well. This amount of tren works well for whatever purpose you are training-mass or shred.

The underground company from China, International Pharmaceuticals makes an excellent product: trenbolone enanthate. True, trenbolone enanthate was never one of the 'norms' avaialable. The black market has a way of catering to juice bags and athletes though (gotta love it, govt laws concerning anabolics really work well, huh-AAS is a multi-billion dollar per year business).

The making of trenbolone enanthate is a Godsend. You now have a long acting version of trenbolone, that doesn't sting like the acetate, and does not cause welting either. I have used a few of these bottles (IP usually makes 10ml or 20ml jugs depending on how well their products are making it to varous countries without being snagged) with great results.

The strength was roughly 80mg per ml. I took only two shots a week, three days apart for a total of around 160mg a week. This stuff sustained my build by itself, in a manner that would normally take arouund 600mg of test with another 400mg of an anabolic. Very potent and yet you still feel great. I had no gut pain, no problems with appetite, and sex drive was fine. No skin breakouts or anthing of that nature either.

The only draw back with IP is that it is not a real company, and you need to be able to trust the person who is getting you the products (this is always the case no mattter what you use but moreso in the case of IP). Remember, this is an underground company from China and as such, probably connected with various versions of the Chinese...connected-type-people. You know, various versions of asian Supranos on HBO. Seriously, be careful, but if you can locate some IP tren, it is great stuff.

Above is a very cheasy and fake looking model of trenbolone. IP basically looks like this but usually does not have a label. No label?! Told you, you must really trust your source if you go this route. I have no idea if the product here is real or not. I would have to do a freezer test or tongue test (we will get to those). Unfortunately, I have seen various versions of IP that all look different. And yet, never heard of a fake vial from anyone I have known. So, I'm sorry to say, I can't provide you with pics of IP because it would be too unreliable.

Back to properties of tren. Tren is considered a progestagenic steroid. See section on progestagenic effects for more info. I have not known tren to be a sex drive killer, however (most progestagenic drugs are if used alone). Tren has not been known to increase sex drive either (at least in the many individuals I have seen). There are gurus that mention adding tren to your cycle due to its 'androgenic' potency when attempting to balance out more 'anabolic cycles' such as primobolan or winstrol or anavar.

This does not make sense because tren is a progestagenic derivative, you can not rely on it to boost libido like you would with testosterone or dianabol. Keep this in mind. Tren is an excellent drug and its androgenic component will aid your strength gain (through neural stimulation similar to testostorone or dianabol) but will not do much for elevating your sex drive.

Tren has a unique ability to really interfere with cortisol receptors. Exactly how this occurs is unknown but it is believed to somewhat permanently disfigure cortisol receptors. You know by now that this means tren will work great at preventing muscle loss when dieting (anti-catabolic effect). Additionally, tren will also work well for building mass and lean gains (especially when stacked with another androgenic drug such as testosterone).

In fact, if you are not beyond 35 years old, and or have no problems with your prostate, this is one of the most effective combos you can use with respects to androgen/anabolic drug synergy. Bascally, with some form of test and some form of tren, you have 1+1=4. Just remember, androgens like the prostate and the older you are, the more at risk you are for androgenic drugs to mess with your prostate. Its a good idea to take an herbal preparation for this preventative purpsose: saw palmetto. Cheap and effective, you can find it at any pharmacy or vitamin shop.

One of the side effect drawbacks to tren is that due to its unique chemical structure, it is rough on the kidneys. All medical literature as well as underground manuals will tell you this and it is true. Will you be on dialysis after one, ten week cycle? If you are a healthy male with no current health problems, no way. Just be aware and drink plenty of water (1/2 your bodyweight in pounds, in onces per day). So if you weight 200lbs, drink at least 100 ounces of water. Additionally, the herbal cranberry is great for keeping the urinary tract healthy and acting as an anti-oxidant for your urinary system as a whole. Can't hurt, a month's supply is around 15 bucks (US $).

In summary, whichever form of tren you use, be cautious of the product and individual. Some legit brands are: Quality Vet, Denkall, and the most recent thus far Animal Power veterinary brands. They all currently make very good and pure versions of trenbolone (you will have to look but you can find various esters available also). Novice dosage is around 2-3cc's a week for a total of 150-225mg/week. Upper level advanced and very seasoned users may use upwards of 4-5cc's a week. If you were my family member, I would tell you to not use more than 3cc/week and not to stay on any form of tren for longer than 12 weeks (three month cycle).