Using Trenbolone for Cutting, Shredding and Accelerated Fat-Loss

A More In-Depth View of the Rationale and Logistics Behind Trenbolone's Legendary Hype

     Trenbolone.  Tren.  People mention the drug all the time like its the ONLY VIP guest that makes or breaks your juice party.  As with most common vocabulary used by athletes, bodybuilders and our recreational iron brotherhood, their is SOME truth in most time-tested and regurgitated phrases.  The REAL REASON(S) behind tren's actions and properties are fairly straight forward. 

     If you've been around the iron game for a while, you've no doubt  heard something similar to these two statements below: 

  1. "Tren is six times more androgenic than testosterone."
  2. "Tren is six times stronger than testosterone."   

     The truth is, when it comes to trenbolone and dieting, dieting as we define it - retaining hard-earned muscle at the expense of burning body-fat, trenbolone is hard to beat. 

  • Tren...its true - at least in the studies that prove it so based on rats and mice and rabbits - to be 6-9x more androgenic than testosterone.
  • anabolic potency based on the same studies show between 2-3x the myotrophic potency of a comparable dose of testosterone ("2-3x more anabolic"). 
  • Non-Aromatizing...So no estrogens - E1, E2 or any dose.
  • Zero metabolites with estrogenic properties. 
  • Thermogenic Effect - many but not all who use legitimate sources and quantities (at or above your personal threshold) of trenbolone experience night sweats (more like a moderate full body sauna-sweat than a sickly or 'flu-like' sweat).  Tren sweat = zero shivers.  I actually use to like it. 

     Lastly, but not least - trenbolone binds strongly to the androgen receptor more strongly than almost any other steroid (save for maybe the man-made or 'never-to-market' loop-hole-types, a whole other topic of discussion).  When the AR is bound tightly, it tends to affect the CNS and the neuromuscular system - aka - muscle firing by something called alpha motor neurons.  These suckers are the dudes responsible for controlling things like rate of force production and or speed of contractions.  What does this mean?  

The Summary

     The more intensely and efficiently the motor neurons fire the muscle fibers, the more force those fibers can produce.  At its foundation, force generation IS STRENGTH as we know it.  Whether you are a 'pumper' or more of a 'power-bodybuilder', there is no getting around the fact that cumulative gains in Strength over long stretches of time from resistance training makes us look...different.  That visual response we all love to see in the mirror - the "building of the body" made possible by the good old overload principle that has been around for-ever.  Tren is most valuable as a tool to GUARD muscle tissue while stripping fat.  The stronger you STAY when cutting/dieting/shredding up, the more muscle mass you are able to keep.