Thyroid Antibodies: Understanding Fat-Loss Plateaus Due to Thyroid

Thyroid antibodies are the main way that the body down-regulates or decreases the activity of T3. There are three main antibodies that are produced if the body senses that the metabolism is burning too high or too fast. They are

1. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPA)- not a whole lot we can doo to control it (see below) 2. Thyroglobulin Antibody - not a whole lot we can do to control it 3. Reverse T3 (rT3) - this one we can control with our own..."remedies"

The specific functions and how these three work is not all that important. We just need to understand how to keep all three of these evil-anti-shredded physique destroyers under control. To do this, we need to understand what stimulates their increased production and activity.

Understand that an "antibody" is an autoimmune response. All this means is that our immune system is on autopilot and makes these substances when it senses something is wrong in order to protect us. This is also where the term "autoimmune disease" comes from. In this case, the body senses some perceived harm and attempts to make substances which fight off the harm or control it. The problem is, this response is either

1. too aggressive - the body overproduces substances that are only needed in lesser amounts. Production stays turned on which floods the body with too many substances and there is overkill which leads to side effects.

2. a false alarm - the body perceives a threat even though there is none.

The body produces various immune system reactions despite the fact that there really is nothing to defend against. This causes problems and is "autoimmune disease". There are many types. Thyroid antibodies are only one type of "autoimmune response". The most likely way to have success at fixing this is through nutritional interventions and high dose thyroid (T3) medication.

There are many factors which increase this fatty trio. Some we cannot really control, or we can, but it is beyond the depths of this quick read. So, understand that there are more factors than those I am about to list, but these are the ones we can control.

1. A decreased calorie diet over weeks and weeks begins to elevate rT3. Not only does Free T3 go down (your main metabolic regulator) but rT3 goes up. For our purposes, You can think of each molecule of rT3 erasing the function of each molecule of Free (Active) T3. So, if you were tested at the doctor's office and have plenty of Free T3 but high rT3, you may still need to add some Cytomel.

"Theoretical Remedy":

Increase T3 doseage by way of Cytomel, do more cardio but eat more clean food, layer in thermogenic drugs in order to elevate the metabolism from non-thyroid mechanisms.

"Nutritional/Nutriceutical Remedy":

Add in selenium at a doseage of 200mcg per day. Selenium is a key mineral for conversion of inactive T4 to the active T3. It is also a powerful nutrient involved in helping the body to make enzymes which fight off free radicals. Many free radicals have a high correlation to elevating Thyroid antibodies.