All About Thyroid Hormone

Thyroid hormone is an essential part of being optimally healthy and ripped. In fact not only are optimal thyroid levels needed to be healthy and ripped, the absence of optimal levels virtually guarantees poor health. The thyroid gland produces two forms of thyroid hormone: T3 and T4. T3 has three iodine molecules attached to the molecule and guessed it has four. When four molecules are attached to the molecule, there is only a 10% activity. It has long been known that it is the T3 or triiodothyronine that is the main determinant of thyroid function.

Thyroid always comes in microgram (mcg doseages). There are numerous forms on the commercial market but the basic T3 drug is called Cytomel and the basic T4 drug is called Synthroid. Without proper conversion of T4 into T3, the T4 levels are irrelevant. Nobody ever got ripped due to T4 alone. Even if you tried it and did, it was due to your body having optimal levels of 5'deiodinase; an enzyme that cleaves off one of the four iodines from T4, converting it to the active T3.

Most of us who have used T3 for dieting purposes know how truly powerful it can be. Take just enough, you sweat through the night and are always warm as bodyfat seems to just fall from your body. Take a little too much and you will feel flat in the gym, unable to get a pump. This is because the right doseage of Cytomel is anabolic. That is right, whatever state your metabolism is in, T3/Cytomel will accelerate it. So, if you are dieting and not eating enough overall calories, or you are not on a sufficient quantity of anabolic substances, or even overtraining (too much trainign volume while dieting), you can accelerate your catabolic state and cause greater muscle loss while dieting.

The trick with using the right amount of T3 for dieting has to do with a few key points: 1. Are you on Growth Hormone? If you are, you will need T4 and just a small dose of T3. Find out why GH, T3, T4 and dieting 2. Are you using other dieting drugs? Combining T3 With Other Dieting Drugs 3. What is your dieting timeline? 2-4 weeks? 4-6 weeks? 6-8 weeks? 10 weeks or more? why dieting timeline makes a difference with T3 doseage