Theoretical Principles Governing Muscle Growth from Anabolic Steroids

When discussing theoretical cycles, anything is possible. Let’s talk about what is probable. One of the most important things to take into consideration is the mechanism of action of the drugs involved. There are three basic components needed.

1. An oral drug to stimulate a higher IGF-I production from the liver 2. A drug with a high affinity for the androgen receptor 3. A drug that has a dramatic affect on nitrogen retention which works primarily outside the androgen receptor

One of the best ways to stimulate the androgen receptor is to use testosterone. Testosterone affords many critical physiological components which will allow you to gain size and strength. Testosterone will stimulate creatine phosphate storage in muscle tissue. It will stimulate neural growth factors to increase neuromuscular firing ability. It will greatly increase your nitrogen retention and overall healing capacity. Your sex drive will be stimulated (at first) and you will have a euphoric androgenic affect on the brain. Testosterone is also cheap and will not break your bank account. In many cases, a good monthly dosage of test is cheaper than using a host of natural supplements (what is natural anyway? I hate that word).

Drugs that have a high affinity for the androgen receptor are advantageous to have in a cycle because you can lessen potential side effects while keeping growth potential extremely high. For example, you can use a couple hundred milligrams of deca so that you don’t have to use an insane amount of testosterone to get an equal growth affect of overall steroid in your system. Plus there is a synergistic affect that exists between steroids that make 1 +1 = 3. Such a relationship exists between testosterone and deca, and testosterone and equipoise. For different reasons this relationship is also shared between trenbolone and testosterone. There are many combinations that work well, some for similar reasons and others for different reasons. Many gurus say that there is specific relationships between different drugs. I have contended that I will give you useable information. This is the theory section so some of these statements will be ideas based on likeliness, not necessarily proven fact.

Some gurus say deca and tren should not be used together because they compete somewhat for similar receptors. They are both have progestagenic affects and for this reason alone, I would not use them together. There are just too many other effective drug combinations if you are hell bent on using one of these. The truth of the matter is that there are valid yet, unproven scientific points on both sides of the coin. I will give you useable info by telling you to combine eq with tren instead of deca if you want an anabolic to go with your tren. If you want to add androgen to your deca without using testosterone, use d-bol or masteron if you can get some. Drug effectiveness only gets truly tricky when you are prone to side effects or you are trying to keep toxicity down (such as no orals). If you are healthy and have given your liver a rest from orals for at least two months, you can have an endless choice of drug synergy working for you. The only stipulation will be what you have access to.

Another note on cycles, don’t do what you can afford. You are better off saving for the drugs you need to make the most progress possible. Also, if you are planning to take breaks between cycles, make sure you have the recovery drugs (hcg, clomid, nolvadex, etc.) before you begin. Nothing is worse than making awesome gains on a cycle that you plan for months, and then losing most of it because you didn’t take proper precaution with the recovery/off cycle.

Back to the deca and tren. Both are great drugs. Both drugs bind to the androgen receptor very well. So the only main difference is whether or not you want to use a heavy androgen like tren, or a less androgenic, more anabolic drug like deca. Deca will not give you the strength gain that tren will. It will also not make you lose more hair (if you are already susceptible). If you are older (no offense, but beyond 35 or so), prostate might be a concern. Deca is friendly on the prostate. The hair and prostate are somewhat related. The metabolite DHT is primarily responsible for hair loss and prostate growth. Any drug that has a heavy androgenic affect can theoretically stimulate these two side effects. Tren is very androgenic and can stimulate prostate growth and problems. Tren is also more aggressive toward your hairline. Deca on the other hand is friendly to both. This is because when deca converts to its own form of DHT, it is not regular dihydrotestosterone, it is dihydronandrolone (DHN). Dihydronandrolone does not stimulate the prostate or hair follicles in a negative manner. Basically, if you are young and healthy and are not susceptible to hair loss, hit up the androgens. They work the best.

With respect to androgens, anadrol, dianabol, testosterone (all esters) and trenbolone are the most effective mass builders. Let’s try to make this a little more “user friendly”. Re-stating from above, if you have no prostate issues and you are not beyond 35 year of age, if you haven’t noticed hair loss (or very little that you can live with) from juice so far, use these androgens for you bulking goals.

If you are older than 35, have prostate problems or concerns (if so you probably shouldn’t even juice or at least see your doctor for prostate exam-fun), if you are susceptible or have worries about hair loss, opt for the effective yet safer anabolic-type drugs. Deca (or any nandrolone), equipoise, anavar, winstrol, primobolan. Keep in mind that winstrol and primo are not very androgenic but do have androgenic influences on hair loss in some individuals. Nothing is full-proof. You are rolling the dice somewhat every time you put some foreign chemical into your body. Trial and error is the only way to know for sure with your own genetics. But an educated trial and error is always best.

In summary the most effective (side effects not withstanding) cycle to use would hit all three of the main mechanisms of anabolic steroid mechanism of growth. To reiterate, they are:

1. Stimulate and bind well to the androgen receptor 2. Work well outside the receptor which has a large positive effect on nitrogen retention/balance 3. Stimulate IGF-I production by taking an oral drug

Realize also, that some drugs fit multiple categories. Also, all anabolic steroids will stimulate nitrogen retention. The ones we single out here have a potent effect when compared to their lower androgenic ratio. Although we have discussed them individually, here is a breakdown. This diagram is not all inclusive, it is only meant to give you general guidance regarding these drug properties.

Bind Well to Androgen Receptor Stimulate Nitrogen Retention IGF-I

All testosterones Nandrolones (deca, etc.) Dianabol

Trenbolone Equipoise Winstrol

Dianabol Primobolan Anadrol

All nandrolones (deca, etc) Anavar Anavar

We will discuss each of these drugs in further detail as the drug index and profiles are created. Please come back soon.