Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is one of the most popular and wide spread anabolic steroids in use today. Much of the reason for this is that enanthate is cheap, it works, and it is affordable to use large dosages. Most products come in vials of 10ml and are 200-250mg per ml (a ml and a cc are the same thing, they are interchangeable).

Effective dosages range from as little as 250mg per week for a beginner user (less than five cycles experience) up to 1000mg. The upper sane range is probably around 1000mg. If you cannot build off of that much test you either have maxed out on juice and need to do a lot more GH and Insulin to grow, or you do not train and eat well enough.

There are always cheap forms of enanthate from Mexico available. For various drug brand names please see one of the other excellent steroid web sites such as www.mesomorphosis.com or www.bodybuilding.com.

For usage purposes, enanthate stacks well with any drug. As far as side effects are concerned, enanthate is a long acting drug so it will build up in your system. You want to be cautious of this if you are prone to estrogenic side effects. It never hurts to keep an anti-estrogen on hand when using heavy testosterone.

Enanthate is one of the most basic foundational drugs and no doubt has found a permanent place in the bloodstreams of many pro athletes and bodybuilders. Enanthate doesn't usually cause a lot of irritation at the injection site although it is always possible. Esters such as propionate typically hurt a lot more than enanthate. Do not take more than two cc's at a clip in any one site though. You will probably be hurting if you do this.

The half life is around 6-8 days depending on your metabolism and body chemistry, as well as other drugs you are concurrently using. Injections twice weekly are the norm and there really is no reason to get fancy with the administration schedule of testosterone enanthate. Once every three or four days will keep the blood androgen level even and consistent.

Like any testosterone, enanthate is prone to aromatization, and therefore, estrogenic side effects. However, the degree of side effects, if present at all is a very individual matter. Many people I have known including myself do not hold much water from testosterone. If you have done anabolics such as dianabol, anadrol, etc., with no soreness in the nipples, you are probably fine. Always keep anti-estrogens on hand if you are going to attempt a higher dose test cycle than you have done before. Definitely keep anti-estrogens on hand if you have primarily used other anabolics and never a testosterone.

Overall, enanthate is an excellent bulking drugs and should form the foundation of any juicer's mass aresenal. Testosterone is also very friendly on the liver and kidneys and has very low toxicity. Just keep in mind that enanthate, and any testosterone, will greatly and rapidly shut off your natural production. This will usually occur inside of two weeks. You will notice the 'boys' shrinking within this time. This is also dose dependent, but even a low 200mg dose of enanthate will shut off your natural testosterone within four to five weeks. Enanthate is a popular birth control agent given to many males all over the world, just not in the US.

Drugs such as HCG, nolvadex and clomid are essential post-cycle to bring normal testosterone back and restore the HPTA.