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Testosterone-Cypionate Drug Profile

Testosterone cypionate contains a slighlty shorter ester chain than enanthate. Therefore, the half-life of testosterone cypionate is a little shorter. Effectively,enanthate has eight esters in its carbon chain, cypionate has seven. This equates to a functional half-life of around 5-7 days for enanthate and 4-6 for cypionate. Small difference, but you should know that there is one.

Cypionate is another staple for building size and strength. In the eighties and througout much of the nineties, american brand name lablels of cypionate circulated quite often. The ammerican brand name Steris made greate productst and many people I knew used this brand's version of testosterone cypionate, enanthate, propionate and even their deca durabolin. Unfortunately, in the black market, things come and go and what is here today is not always here tomorrow. Cypionate can still be found, just make sure you can trust the source. For whatever reason, I have seen testosterone cypionate couterfeited more often than any other drug in my ten years experience.

Due to the fact that the active duration of cypionate is very close to enanthate, you can use typical enanthate dosages. I would probably take cypionate every third or, at the latest fourth day to maintain an even blood androgen level. Enanthate every fourth or fifth day.

Another side note with cypionate that is strange is hair loss. I have seen friends use various forms of testosterone and cypionate alwyays stands out in my memory as being rough on the scalp. Some medical literature (not guru stuff, doctor stuff) says that the actual cypionate ester is more related to DHT than other esters. This makes sense.

I think you would need a molecular biochemist to figure out why, test should be test when half-life and dosage is accounted for. However, all else being equal, I feel it necessary to tell you that at dosages of 500mg+ per week, I have seen more buddies notice hair loss.

If you are not prone to hair loss, cypionate is a great drug. Personally I have always found enanthate to be more abundant so that has been more of a staple in my progress throughout the years. If you choose to use cypionate, it is a fine choice. Dosages range from 400mg (novice) to over 2000mg a week. Beyond 1000-1200, I really do not see the point and you should either stack, or add in some auxiliary drugs to make your current dosage work better (we will talk about auxiliaries soon in a future section).