sustanon Drug Profile

Sustanon (four ester blend)- structure order from top to bottom, left to right: Isocaproate=60mg Phenylpropionate=60mg Decanoate=100mg Propionate=30mg Total=250mg

Sustanon is one of the most well known bodybuiding and physique drugs around. It has great popularity amongst a very large group of users. This is due to the fact that sustanon has a wide variety of uses. It is probably the best drug one can use at the novice level.

Sustanon is a blend of four testosterone esters. Contrary to popular meathead belief, there are not four "different kinds of test" in sustanon. This type of talk fosters inaccurate drug information. Sustanon was made with the intention to yield an even blood testosterone level rapidly, yet for a prolonged period of time. If you have already read the sections on esters and/or the propionate drug profile, you already know better.

Just in case you haven't, here is the general rules for test. Testosterone is linked to an ester. An ester is a carbon chain which enables the drug to be stable (last longer) in the body. Generally, the longer the ester, the slower speed of onset and the longer the active-life of the drug in the body. Sustanon has the following four esters:

1. Testosterone propionate 2. Testosterone phenylpropionate 3. Testosterone isocaproate 4. Testosterone decanoate

The above esters are ordered from smallest ester to largest. This also means that:

-the order is in speed from quickest to slowest releasing (drug onset of action) -the order is in length of half-life from shortest to longest

For the novice athlete or light anabolics user using less than 750mg per week, sustanon is a good choice. For anyone taking over this amount, it makes little difference whether you use sust or another long acting ester such as cypionate or enanthate. The reason for this is at this dosage, you will have a large build-up in the system and the quicker acting testosterone esters in sustanon will no longer make a difference.

If you just love sustanon like I do, or you don't mind paying the extra price, by all means do as you please, it is a great drug. Just know that you will not get better gains from sust than you will with enanthate or cypionate.

It is possible for you to have gotten drugs that were not clean, or underdosed in your past. When I was younger I use to think that I could gain better from one test than another. This is only true if you have more of a given ester releasing at any one time. For instance if you used 1000mg of enanthate, but only 500mg of sustanon, and the sust didn't give you similar gains, this is due to dosage. Even if you did use the same amount, your gains may have been different, but trust me, it was due to some other factor such as your mental drive during the cycle, your beliefs about the drugs, the source (cleanliness and purity of the specific brand used), dietary alterations, supplements (other than drugs) or some other factor.

The bottom line is that below 750mg or so of long acting ester, sustanon makes somewhat of a difference compared with another long acting ester. The less frequently you take your sustanon, the more difference it makes. In this case, less is more because the half-life of sustanon is around ten days which is more than enanthate or cypionate. If you do not have a huge amount of long acting test (>750mg per week) in your system, you will probably notice increased benefits from a blend such as sust. If not, opt for the cheaper long acting esters and you will have the same amount of blood level build-up after two weeks or so.

A rather silly practice that many individuals do is to inject sust every other day or so. The thought is that you will take advantage of the quick acting propionate each time you do this. This is false and goes against modern science of drug depot action. The prop may be metabolized by three days or so, but the three other longer acting esters of test in sust are still releasing. As long as you have some in your system releasing, you are in the safe zone with regards to anabolic effects from the drug.

Breaking the injections up due to pain or swelling is a different story. Sust has a tendency to cause some edema and swelling at the injection site in many individuals. I have often sat on the couch playing XBOX while sitting on an ice pack to relieve some irritation and swelling in the glute. If you are particulary susceptible to this irritation you will want to break your injections up and rotate sites (ex. R-shoulder, L-shoulder, R-glute, L-glute).

As far as maximal dosages of sustanon, it is like every other long acting test with respect to the advised upper range. Beyond 1000-1200mg of test per week, you are better off stacking other drugs which act by a different mechanism of action. We will talk more and more about synergistic effects of drugs as time goes on.

Personally, I have found two to three sustanons a week to be perfect. This still works well for me after years of juicing. Combined in a stack with other drugs is even more productive. The best sust I have ever used is "Nile Co 250".


Above is a picture of sustanon by Nile Co. This is the best sustanon I have ever used. I was 20 years old and it first pushed me past my plateau of the low 200's into the 215 range. At the time this was my third or fourth cycle and I took two per week for ten weeks. I had gained a total of 11lbs which I had never lost (even while off).


Here is a few more pics of Nile Co. sustanon. Back when I used them, they had green writing and the "Sustanon 250" was painted on with white paint. Again, these themes change all the time and this web site is for information only. This is not to help you buy or identify these drugs. There are many other web sites for this purpose of which I will soon provide you convenient links from.


Here are some Russian sust ampules. I used these once with decent results. I have heard great stories of Russian sustanon but cannot attest to them personally. Still a good buy if you can trust your source.


Here is omnadren from Jelfa (Poland brand). These little bastards hurt like hell. I got steroid fever every time I took a shot. Did about four shots and gave them away. My buddy who took them from me as a birthday present got excellent results (don't worry I warned him about what it had done to me-he is pretty immune to sicknesses and wanted to try them anyway). He had no fever, felt great, had a great appetite, and grew well off them. I am pretty tough but this kid is a freak. Go figure? Just be cautious.


Here is a 5ml mini-jug of sustanon from mexico. I picked up a bottle years ago when I was vacationing on spring break. I took 2 and 1/2 cc's twice in the six days I was there so that I could finish the jug before getting on the plane to come home. This sucker was definitely real but damn my hiny hurt for about two weeks from those shots! I was dancing around in the clubs at night like I was standing on hot coals because my glutes hurt so bad. Note to self (and to you)- don't inject more than 2cc's max of sustanon into any one site at any one time----ouchy wow wow!! You could probably cook an egg on the hot, welted injection site. Be careful.