Testosterone Suspension (Acqueous Testosterone)

Testosterone suspension is noted amongst gurus to be "the strongest anabolic steroid." All else being equal, it is. Suspension is just testosterone crystals dissolved in water. The crystals are not attached to an ester as in cypionate, enanthate, propionate, etc. Therefore the crystals, upon injection, simply have to interact with the water in your blood and they are instantly active in your system.

We always like to say that there is no "rush" or "high" with our class of drugs. This is true. However, if you've ever done a clean and pure product of suspension, you do experience a bit of a head rush upon injection and the minute that follows. Due to the lack of a carbon ester chain, suspension elevates your blood androgen level within minutes. It usually last for a good day or so. Most literature will say 12 hours, but it is longer than this. Even with mico-fine crystals, the suspension will keep your blood levels spiked for about a full day (24 hours). You can experience this by using suspension alone. You will still feel pretty great and invincible a full day after your shot, which means your blood level has not crashed yet. So, in the real world, we'll say the drug duration of action is 24-36 hours, and even 48 in some cases.

Many athletes have used suspension eod with magnificent results. Even when used alone, I have seen friends make great gains and feel perfectly fine without having to inject the drug every single day. That would be a real pain in the ass-or shoulder, or thigh, or bicep, or tricep...which brings up the next point. Water suspended drugs can much more easily be site injected because they are in water. No, I'm not trying to be like Yogi. Water is much less viscous than oil and will pass through a much smaller pin. You could use a 25 guage pin to inect suspension into your biceps or triceps. The fluid will pass right through. Just make sure you always opt for the micro crystals and not some really cheap vet stuff with uneven, large, clumsy crystals. If you do, and you plan on using a finer pin, the pin could get clogged. This is a real annoyance. Most often you have to remove the pin, and re-inject. This brings up a good point.

If you heat the actual syringe (containing the fluid) after you load it, the crystals will dissolve even more so. Crystalized solutions precipitate (come out of solution) when they are cooled. The opposite occurs when you heat them. Just don't use the microwave or boil the damn thing. Beyond a certain temp, you will destroy the active steroid molecules. So, just run the syringe under some hot water before injecting. The syringe should be warm and if you look cosely , the crystals should all be dissolved. Remember, none of us are actually doing this, information only, remember?

Okay, suspension is typically used at the dose of 100mg eod. Suspension is almost always in 100mg strength. Remember, this is 100mg of active testosterone right into the sytem. It is very, very potent if you have never used it before. The closest thing would be propionate, and even prop doesn't come close. The ester in prop takes up a good deal of the weight and a 100mg shot of prop is less than 80mg of testosterone. Plus, your body has to extract the testosterone from the propionate ester. As quick as prop releases, suspension is much, much faster.

I have seen athletes and bodybuilders use this drug at a dosage of 100mg every day. This is unecessary for most. It is not something I would do. 100mg eod should be fine for 98% of the juicing population. If you are going to stack it with another anabolic, this will surely be enough. Plus, you want that 20ml jug to last a little while.

Suspension is one of the best mass building drugs out there. The heavy rush of androgens into your system will do wonders for your strength levels. You will feel more fullness within your muscles in the first 2-3 days. If you are really sensitive to androgens like I am, you may feel the full onset of your shot by noon on a day when you take the shot around 9 or 10am. Some feel it instantly. If you haven't used much juice before, you most likely will.

Although many have said this drugs is a good drug for dieting, I disagree. Most people do not have the experience or chemical background to know how to control the potency of suspension without severe water bloat. If you want a water based dieting injectable, stick with winstrol. Guidelines for suspension would be under eight weeks of use and no more than 5ml' per week. If you decide to take it every day, take the weekends off.

Suspension is the worst drug out there for shutting off your natural testosterone. The effects of this drug on your nervous system, strength, and sex drive can be very dramatic. It would be smart to bridge to another testosterone before coming off suspension. For example, taking a few hundred milligrams of a long acting ester like sustanon (blend of four esters) or enanthate about a week before your last suspension dose would be smart. This way you have the slow acting ester releasing when you come off the suspension and your system does not go into androgen crash mode. You would want to do this for a few weeks until you feel stabilized on the long acting ester, and then come off the drugs for your cycle break.

Make sure to have anti-estrogens on hand when doing suspension. Also, you will want to use anti-estrogens and recovery drugs such as HCG and clomid when you come off the long acting ester. Take a short break (4-6 weeks), lift heavy, take creatine (10grams a day or use one of the newer AKG products or creatine esters), use your recovery drugs (we will talk about the specifics of testosterone recovery soon), and then run a medium length cycle of light, non-toxic androgenic drug(s) to solidify the mass you gained from the suspension cycle. After that, it would be safe to go off for a while (if you so choose) and, again, use your anti-estrogens and recovery drugs for a good two weeks or so. You can start your recovery drugs a week or two after your last anabolic shot. By this time, the bulk of the drug(s) should be out of your system (depending on the ester you use) and your pituitary and hypothalamus should be primed to respond to your recovery drugs.