The Best Anabolic Steroids for Increasing Strength

The best anabolic steroids for increasing strength are most often the most androgenic. This has to do with the fact that androgenic drugs are usually the most potent neural modulators of muscle contraction. What this means is that the androgenic component of anabolic steroids has a way of stimulating the neurons to contract muscle.

There are substances called neural growth factors and androgenic drugs stimulate these substances. When this occurs the production of these substances increases and they sensitize the nerves ability to tell the muscle to contract. Biomechanists and physiologists call this, "increased neuromuscular efficiency". Basically, when using androgenic drugs, your nerves become better (are stimulated by the neural growth factors) to have a more accurate and potent ability to contract the muscle fibers that they innervate. You are practically instantaneously stronger!

Try taking a handful of Thailand d-bols before your next chest day and tell me that you don't have a better bench press workout. The same goes for testosterone suspension. The quick assimilation of the drug gets into the system rapidly and enhances the motor neurons's ability to contract muscle fiber. The more quick acting androgen you have in your system, the greater the affect. This is when you truly feel "juiced up". You may also feel pretty horny. I have heard unimaginable horror stories involving pets! No joke, Westchester juicebags are nuts!

There is some similarity to how androgenic anabolics work on the nerves and how stimulatory drugs work on the nerves. I've never personally medaled with recreational drugs much, but you can imagine taking a hefty dose of a stimulant like snorting a few lines and then getting under a heavy bar and pressing that sucker. Big, big bench. Problem is, big, big heart attack too. Do not do this, just illustrating the point on nerve (neuromuscular) excitation on muscle contraction. Anabolic steroids alone do not cause the systemic and cardiovascular damage and stimulation that recreational drugs cause. But a cleaner example than cocaine would be ephedrine. You know the ephedrine rush. You are almost guaranteed to be stronger if you take a good dose of ephedrine before your workout. The reason behind this still holds-neuromuscular excitation via neurotransmitters and modulators.

Okay, so what are the best drugs for increasing strength?

Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Propionate




The above drugs are generalizations. All testosterone will work well for increasing strength as will all forms of trenbolone. However, keeping with the theme we've previously stated: the higher the androgenic drug level you have active in your system at any given time, the higher the neural stimulation and subsequent strength increase. You will notice a slower build up of strength with longer acting versions of the respective drugs and not so much of an immediate androgen rush. For an immediate rush, dianabol and suspension are best. So is methyltestosterone but it is heavily toxic and not a good anabolic of choice. You could also drink a couple of milliliters of Reforvit-B or snort some ground finaplix intranasal androstenedione spray like the German swim team used to use in the olympics would work spectacularly well-oops... Remember this is information only, but wow, can this get entertaining!?

Yeah, so anyway the best drugs in general for increasing strength are testosterone, dianabol, anadrol, trenbolone and by way of creatine retention and synthesis, anavar. Anavar does not stimulate strength by the same mechanisms as those described in this section. It is just worth mentioning because it does, indeed aid strength gain better than many other anabolics (if taken in sufficient dosage; more than 20-25mg/day).

My favorite pre-workout rush stack is 50mg ephedrine, 400mg caffeine, and 3-5 Thailand dianabol. Not to get ahead of myself but the amino acid L-tyrosine will work by its own mechanism to stimualte neural firing and immediate strength gain (for this you will need at least 2, not more than 4 grams). Make sure you have an empty stomach, add some carbonation (like a Red Bull), and the whole mix gets into your system much faster. Yeah, I dreamed this once, I umm...never actually did it. Remember too, I am fairly young and although I may be a physique/physiology,drug/bodybuilding obsessed maniac - have no cardiovascular risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol, clogged arteries, etc).