Stanozolol and Cutting-Down, Shredding-Up Bullet Points

  • Stanozolol is a DHT derivative
  • Additional chemical groups crowd key positions (functional groups as well as metabolic conversion points) OR "points of attack"
  • For example, aromatase - the estrogenic governor of all things steroidal, is the body's highest ranking of all estrogenic enzymes and attacks each anabolic steroid in a very systematic, repetitive, and therefore predictable manner
  • Stanozolol is "immune" to aromatase and will not convert to estradiol at any dose taken. 

     Stanozolol gets lots of "hand-me-down" credit from its original use as a blood thinning agent and for its long-known usefulness as a "fibrinolytic" compound in medical circles.  Fibrinolytic means "fibrin" - which is a weak type of blood specific connective tissue often implicated in stroke(s) and various CV diseases and events (various root causes of heart attacks and ischemia). 

Who cares?

     We do, remember?  But back on track with stanozolol for cutting and shredding...fibrinolysis the splitting or cutting of fibrin proteins in the bloodstream is by definition, a "blood-thinning" effect.  Stanozolol, being a a drug that has fibrinolytic properties, is therefore a "blood-thinning" agent of some sort. 

     Now for the confusion.  Burning body-fat and thinning the blood are two separate things that have little to nothing in common.  It sounds good, but there is no mechanism tying the two processes together.  Winstrol itself is a very weak drug (relative to the absolute anabolic/androgenic potency of other AAS), and is not specifically engineered for human androgen receptors. 

Everyone talks about using Winnie for cutting-down and shredding-up, but...

When Does Using Some Winnie Matter in my Cutting/Dieting Prep? 

       The literature on stanozolol is pretty boring and straight forward everywhere you look.  It is clearly a valuable tool for clinical management of congestive heart failure, angioedema, and related circulatory ailments of geriatric patients populations?  How does this relate to and for us?  


     There is nothing about winstrol that makes it special for cutting other than the simple fact that it is pretty much - "anti-water-logging".  This doesn't mean that it is a 'diuretic' by any definition or that it even has properties of diuresis.  It simply means it won't HOLD water.  There are lots of other AAS that are much better options due to much stronger muscle guarding/anti-catabolic effects. 

There is a rub...Oral Winstrol Anyone?  Extra Strength Tic-Tacs? 

  • binds SHBG better than almost anything out there - AAS category or otherwise
  • potent stimulator of IGF-I through its own unique mechanism - separate from the liver's first pass when administering GH therapies
  • grow muscle like a moderate testosterone dose (at 40-60mg oral stanozolol/day), hold water like...a raincoat.  That means = NONE.