proviron drug profile

Proviron is a great multi-purpose, ancillary drug. I say ancillary because it can help you get what you want out of your anabolic usage without getting what you DON'T want. Proviron is one of the most unique chemicals classified in the anabolic steroids grouping. The reason proviron or pro-v is so unique is due to the fact that although an anabolic steroid, it has zero direct anabolic properties toward muscle.

Why would you ever want to use it then? Good question. The answer is that pro-v is an excellent anti-estrogen. As an anti-estrgen, pro-v has properties that others do not. Pro-v is chemically named mesterone, and has a methyl group on the 1 position in its four ring chemical structure. The important thing here is this unique position of the methyl group enables pro-v to bind with intensity to the aromatase enzyme. So, if you've read the anti-estrogen section on this site, you know that we call this a first line estrogen inhibitor. So, one of the main effects of pro-v is to bind to the aromatase enzyme, thereby greatly decreasing aromatization of testosterone and other drugs into estrogen.

Pro-v also binds strongly to another enzyme called sex-hormone-binding-globulin, or SHBG. This enzyme is important because it renders anabolics inactive. When you ingest or inject anabolics into your system, they eventually find there way to your bloodstream as we all know. What many people are unaware of is how bound the hormones become by various enzymes, once they reach your bloodstream. Its hard enough to get the active drug into your body so it can help us build muscle, now you have an enzyme that binds to the drug and makes it temporarily inactive. Not good for muscle building. Similar to your natural testosterone, the hormone is only free to act in its "free" state. What this means is the chemical structures floating through your bloodstream cannot be bound to substances such as SHBG if you want to grow and get the most from your anabolics.

Decreasing SHBG or limiting its effects would be one way to aid the dosage and drugs you take in building muscle and doing their job. With all anabolic hormonal drugs, it is not how much you have in your system, technically, it is how much "free" hormone you have in your system. So if pro-v is really good at binding to SHBG, it leaves less SHBG to bind to the anabolics in your blood. Less binding of SHBG to the anaboics in your blood, better activity of the drug(s) and more anabolic effect. Got it? Good.

The dosage needed to illicit this affect will depend on the total amount of anabolics you are taking but from what I have seen, 50mg a day works great. Even 25mg works great if you are not taking more than a gram of total drug(s) per week. I am well aware that many do, so taking two, standard 25mg pro-v tabs should do the trick if you are in this category. If you are relativley novice, 25mg a day will work well for you to prevent excess estrogen build up and also to make your anabolics more effective.

Yet another cool effect of pro-v is its ability to stimulate the libido. With respect to this topic, pro-v is probably the best drug around. Its purely androgenic content stimulates the nervous system and is actually used in medicine to aid fertility of males. If this is confusing, remember that theoretically, anything that limits or blocks estrogen from the pituitary can elevate your testosterone level (by removal or limitation of negative feedback-remember? This is how 'recovery' drugs work their magic post-cycle).

I can personally state that pro-v definitely has this quality. At 25mg a day, I have found it to be a mild aphrodesiac. At 50mg a day, it definitely stimulates the libido, keeps most water off your body, and helps you stay hard in more ways than one. For real fellas, this is no joke. I had a mild problem a few times having to allow sails to come back down from...sailing. Seriously, the effect of pro-v on male erection is documented in the medical listing and profile of pro-v. This does not mean it will happen to everyone, or to the same effect. It is like every other drug with respect to how sensitive you are to its various affects. Know that this is a relatively common effect of the drug and that pro-v will probably have an effect on you in this manner to some degree. Just don't overdose.

I have given advice to many friends with developing gyno in order to shrink it as rapidly as possible and avoid surgery. Happy to say, we have caught it with the right drugs and timing every time so far. Pro-v is always a part of this stack. In the future I will have information on exact drug regimens in order to zilch out gyno if you already have some developing.

As an anti-estrogen, pro-v is one of the best drugs you can use. It does wonders for keeping water off, lessening your chance of estrogenic side effects, and acts great as either an ancillary drug or in a combo for post-cycle recovery with HCG, clomid, etc. One of my favorite propertis of pro-v is the ability for it to cushion any libido loss following even the heaviest of anabolic cycles.

As a side note, I have seen clomid kill sex drive in males. Myself included, if I do not use pro-v when I use clomid, I feel like an A-sexual. This is odd since clomid is one of the best drugs for helping to get your natural testosterone back up and would think it has the opposite effect. There are reasons for this and we will discuss them in the clomid drug profile. If you have ever had any post-cycle libido problems when using your recovery drugs, add pro-v to the stack. You will be happy that you did.