Progestagenic Affects of Various Anabolic Steroids; How it affects your health, gains, cosmetics and sex drive.

Progesterone is a very important hormone in the female body. As such, we do not want it in our male bodies. Progesterone is essentially the "hormone of pregnancy" and is the primary hormone responsible for cessation of menses when a woman becomes pregnant. It is also very responsible for weight gain, face bloat, body bloat, and breast enlargement in a pregnant woman. What does this have anything to do with your juicing routines? Too much progesterone can cause you to lose your sex drive, feel sluggish, depressed, and is a primary regulator in the steroid side effect we all know as "bitch tits". If you thought it was estrogen's sole fault, you are misinformed my dear friend. A bloated face and body is not one of the most coveted effects of anabolic steroid use. It is uncomfortable as we all know and is not all that pleasing to look at.

Drugs with progestagenic affects include anadrol, trenbolone (parabolan, but no longer called that because Negma has long since made those beautiful original amps from France), and the common deca durabolin (actually just call it nandrolone, the chemical name, the above term signifies the ester). Anadrol as we know causes a good deal of water bloat and puffiness. It also accounts for some of the tremendous gains that can be made on the drug. Trenbolone is a completely different animal. Tren is a good dieting drug which can also be used for bulking due to its potency, effectiveness, and lack of aromatization. However, tren has a strong progestagenic affect. Try taking it all by itself and watch how fast you turn into an A-sexual (don't do this). Trenbolone is very close in chemical structure to progesterone and exerts many of its affects. The only thing it doesn't do is hold water. It rapidly shuts down your own testosterone and also kills your sex drive by affecting various hormonal receptors in the brain which regulate a normal sex drive. Deca we really don't even need to mention, but we will anyway. Anyone who has taken more than 400mg a week of the stuff by itself has experienced the loss of libido that comes along with it. If you didn't either you were not on it long enough, or you are a freak that won't lose libido no matter what (in which case, I'm jealous). For the rest of us, we need to combine at least a small dose of a heavy androgen with deca to circumvent this problem.

If deca doesn't aromatize much (most literature says about a fourth as much as testosterone), and is not known to be androgenic,then, how come it kills sex drive so much. There shouldn't be much negative feedback shutting off your own test right? Well, unfortunately its not that simple. The only remaining explanation is the progestagenic affect of deca. It can be very strong in some individuals. After all, we don't need much extra of a hormone that can normally be found in picograms in our body. Another interesting fact, progesterone is given to male sex offenders with a very high success rate of killing their sexual appetite.

Progesterone is what is called a c-21 progestin. This just means that it has 21 carbons in its chemical steroidal backbone. Nandrolone is named a c-19 derivative, a derivative of progesterone. This means that the chemical backbone of nandrolone (deca) is very similar to progesterone, minus carbon 20 and 21. All androgens have 19 carbons in their backbone, it is part of what defines an androgen. However, deca is more similar in structure to progesterone than most other drugs.

We know clinically that progesterone kills male sex drive. We also know that deca used alone causes deca…noodle. You know the term. Harry, Dick and Larry. The middle guy has things in common with deca. It is also fair to say that deca is a progesterone derivative. So, the bottom line is that deca can have affects on your libido which are not desired unless you want to become a priest (nothing wrong with that, I am actually a Christian). So anyways, be careful with deca. Great for the joints, your body feels good, helps alleviate some minor injuries and pain, but not good for the sex drive in most juicers. You can circumvent this problem by using a small amount of d-bol. The medical insert for the old Ciba label (the original American made d-bol) states that two d-bol a day (10mg fellas, we’re not talking two IP 50mg’ers-we’ll get to that too) replace “normal” androgens in the male. You may have to experiment to find out what works for you but a small amount of androgen should do the trick. You could also take low dose of a long acting testosterone such as sustanon, enanthate or cypionate. For medical replacement in ant-aging in many countries, doctors use 200mg every ten to fourteen days. Once a week should suffice for our purposes of keeping sex drive up and getting the most positive effects from your nandrolone.