Bullet Points for Cutting Down and Shredding Up with Primobolan (methenolone)

  • DHT Derivative = zero aromatization
  • Lowest of Any AAS toxicity profile - even for the oral version (although I know not a single person to ever believe they took genuine oral Primo tabs, or even tried to for that matter)
  • Rare to ever hear of any user-reported side effect(s)
  • Mixes well with every other AAS for any type of goal - cutting, bulking or for athletes looking to improve performance at the same or a "competition weight" (ex. all combat sports, wrestling, etc.)
  • Enhances hardening of the physique despite low androgenic profile to go along with its low toxicity
  • Mostly anti-catabolic in nature - all else being equal (good weight training/resistance/bodybuilding program followed diligently and intensely...) promotes and preserves muscle tissue as good if not better any AAS out there (400mg/week is a common "lower" threshold for seeing any type of gains with Primo)
  • Cost is usually prohibitive because although Primo is a quality drug from its safety vs effectiveness profile, it is one that isn't typically found legitimately in the "underground" market of competitively overdosed, bargain priced items

Quick Acting Primo (methenolone acetate)

  • quick acting Primo - methenolone in the acetate form, is considerably stronger, or so I'm told by many colleagues and friends - especially those competitors I've known who are "lighter juicers"
  • ironically - the two groups I have personally known to absolutely love this form of the drug (and are likely responsible for the reputation of "Primo") are;
  1. male fitness/photo-models (men's health types) and, on the other end of the spectrum,
  2. some of the most freakishly strong, pound-for-pound competitive power-lifters I've met in my 40 years on this earth 
  • there is some real world truth to the 'physique hardening' aspects of Primo but consider that those who use the acetate form are probably gamers in their respective niche (the two examples above) - even if by most of our standards they are 'light-users'...to each his own
  • this doesn't mean you can't throw a whole bunch of this into your pre-contest/prep/cutting/shredding goals, but it probably isn't worth a whole lot to you if you are a more seasoned or heavier (drug intake history and body-weight) user of AAS