nolvadex (tamoxifen) drug profile

Nolvadex is one of the most well known anti-estrogens to date. It has been around for many years. Many juicers have used nolvadex in order to minimize estrogenic side effects from anabolic steroids.

Nolvadex is classified as a weak estrogen. Similar to clomid, yet lacking the leutinizing effect that clomid has on the pituitary. Nolvadex will stimulate natural testosterone production (by removal of negative feedback of estrogen on the HPTA) but not as well as clomid.

Nolvadex, or by chemical name, tamoxifen comes in strengths ranging from 10mg up to 60mg. Not all of these strengths are available on the black market at all times. The most common one I have seen and used is the 20mg strength version. Nolvadex similar to clomid is not a heavily counterfeited drug. Again, if the bottle is sealed and labeled, or the pills are in foil packs with an imprinted drug name 'tamoxifen' or 'nolvadex', they are most likely real. Nolvadex is even cheaper than clomid because it is not as coveted for fertility purposes. People paying for fertiity counseling (and drugs) will pay anything for it and the pharmaceutical industry knows this. This is why in the legitimate pharmaceutical world, clomid is much more expensive than nolvadex.

Nolvadex is mostly used as a first line defense in breast cancer. Nolvadex works by occupying the estrogen receptor, similar to clomid. The weak estrogenic properties of nolvadex enable it to bind to the receptor and block the more potent estrogens such as estradiol from linking up with the receptor.

The effectiveness of any anti-estrogen will depend on the amount of aromatizing anabolic steroids being used. For example, if you are mildly susceptible to estrogenic side effects, and take 500mg of testosterone per week, 20mg per day of nolvadex may suffice. If you up the testosterone dosage to 1000mg, you will most likely need twice the amount of nolvadex. The ratios are not always 1:1 but this is a safe bet to determine the needed anti-estrogen dosage.

If you are very seasoned, you will know exactly how much of a given anti-estrogen to take...per steroid dosage you take. For example, I know that I will need 20mg of nolvadex to keep me very tight, even when on 800mg of testosterone per week. This may be different for you, your friends, and your lifting buddies. The only way to know for sure is by experience. Most individuals who have never gotten sore nipples from any kind of steroid will only need a low dose (<40mg per day nolvadex or 25mg per day proviron) to keep water off and stay tight during cycles. Of course, the way you eat is a huge factor as well. High sodium content and junk carbs in the diet will make you more susceptible to holding excess water and will make the job of your anti-estrogenic drug(s) that much harder. You may need more anti-estrogens (either dosage of one drug or combo of others added) in order to keep water and bloat off your face and body if you do not take care of your dietary intake.

Rough guidelines for nolvadex are the following: 0-low susceptible individuals---20mg/day low-med susceptible individuals-30-40mg/day med-high susceptible individuals--40-60mg/day

As a side note, I do not believe in going over 40mg of nolvadex per day. If you need more than 40mg, you are better off combining another anti-estrogen with a different mechanism of action such as proviron or arimidex. Remember, there are two basic forms of anti-estrogens with respect to function. Those that attack and bind the aromatase enzyme and those that act as weak estrogens and occupy/block the estrogen receptor. You will get the most bang for your buck by combining one from each category...ex. nolvadex and proviron together.