Serum Testosterone Measurements and AAS Found in Your Blood Are NOT THE SAME!

   Testosterone is often misunderstood in many ways but what I realized recently was shocking. I was on the phone doing a consult with one of my regulars - an hrt clients that is very well read and knows more about hrt/trt than all but two doctors that I have ever worked with…we were on the topic of testosterone blood levels and why even 200mg/cc once per week can put some men over 'the top of the range'. Aware of the fact that many novice bodybuilders take excess of 800-1000mg per week (4-5cc of a long acting t) this is what he said/asked: "So what about the guys onstage like bodybuilders at high levels…like at the olympia? Their blood levels of testosterone must be like…10,000 ng/dl?"(for novice readers normal lab reference values are between 300-1000ng/dl on most labs).    My reply: "no! not necessarily. Only if they using an injectable testosterone at a high dose and up to the show date. They can have a blood level of 0 - as in 'z-e-r-o' if they are on, for example, a bunch of synthetics like trenbolone, stanozolol, nandrolone, methenolone, etc. They would also have a system void of any luteinizing drugs such as hCG that stimulate the body's own t-levels (endogenously).    A bodybuilder may have thousands of nanograms of synthetic anabolic in their body but if they are not taking any testosterone or hCG, or have been off it for a few weeks in preparation for their contest, they may have non-existing measurements of testosterone in their blood. Traditional aas do not 'raise' or 'boost' testosterone! they are chemical cousins!    Anabolic steroid use shuts off testosterone production. The only way you will have t-levels after months on anabolic steroids is if you are using an injectable testosterone in your arsenal of growth-promoting drugs.

   Imagine for a minute that you have a cousin that has a bad criminal record and the cops coming to your home to arrest you because you have the same last name. The cop will quickly see by your physical looks, your id or your license that you are not the same person he is looking for.    More specifically, you can think of each individual anabolic steroids as having a social security number unique to itself. testosterone has a unique social security number as well - in scientific terms, testosterone's social security number is: 288.424420. Nandrolone's ss# is 274.397840. Trenbolone's is 270.366080. oxandrolone = 306.439700. oxymetholone = 332.476980. For those self-educated AAS technical grads out there you guys know that I am referring to the molecular weights of these individual anabolic steroids.

   The standard lab tests don't use gas liquid chromatography and are not meant to measure anything but biological sex-steroids. Although highly specialized, standard serum tests are incapable of testing for synthetic derivatives of testosterone, aka anabolic steroids.

   In summary I figured if this particular client was unaware of this huge misunderstanding of testosterone, others probably are as well. Hopefully if you are one of them this short page cleared up some things for you.