Masteron and Cutting-Down, Shredding-Up Bullet Points

One of the Best Drugs (not) Around for Contest Preparation and Physique Hardness

  • DHT derivative, non-aromatizing at any dose.
  • Dromo has an MBA in marketing and in advocating for optimal metabolism by promoting positive nitrogen balance while protesting against adipogenesis (adipocyte) growth or addition of "fat-cell" mass) like a lefty at a Trump rally
  • Dromo is limited in symptoms of onset of toxicity, in oral form or injection.  I said "LIMITED"...not BENIGN.  In other words - your liver - AST, ALT, maybe even GGT can elevated all at the same time from almost any oral AAS, but on dromo - you won't be likely to f-e-e-l the crapiness coming on...this is a cool feature, but does not mean there is not damage happening
  • Especially potent and effective with androgens like good old testosterone - if you are the type that is an "androgen-head" who feels good on drugs like dianabol or plain old testosterone and doesn't have much tendency for E2 side effects or water retention(like me)
  • Oral dromostanolone is the ideal oral drug for dieting at a dose high enough to meet or exceed your personal threshold (AAS overall experience and potency needed to take noticeable effect).
  • Oral Dromo is effective for almost everyone at >30mg/day.  I once had the 50mg per day by International Pharmaceuticals (circa early 2000's).  Still my favorite cutting/shredding physique tool.

What Other Interesting or Valuable Properties Does Dromo Have? 

The SHBG Effect - Taking Advantage with Dromostanolone

     AAS which have the ability to bind Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin at a high (absolute or relevant) intensity (high binding 'affinity' or 'attraction' to SHBG) are ALWAYS valuable when using OTHER AAS drugs for performance or physique purposes.

     The AAS in your bloodstream at any given time that is present in the highest quantity (absolute, or milligrams), which ALSO has the biggest attraction to SHBG, will bind to SHBG more than all the other AAS present at that specific time. 

     Why is this important?  There is a definitive amount of SHBG at any given time that your body has PRESENT, and the body must make more in order to bind more (of any steroid).  So, no matter what mechanism the steroid works by, and for whatever purpose you may be taking a given AAS, more of it is available to do its job when there is LESS SHBG around to try and STOP it from doing its job.  Pretty simple, right?

SHBG and Dromostanolone

  • SHBG LOVES dromostanolone
  • Any other drug you take with respect to AAS will be more effective when you drop the action of SHBG by occupying it...
  • One oral AAS with high binding affinity at a dose of 20-30mg is likely to be sufficient for all but the most elite and massive of athletes/bodybuilders (
  • Dromo is no different; however, since experience dictates amazing results for shredding around the 30-50 mg/day (oral) threshold, you may choose to start around the 30mg/day mark and incrementally increase the dose by 5-10mg per day,  every 4-5 days when on a tight schedule such as dieting for a show, photo-shoot, etc. 
  • If you are pushing it, and you've chosen to be aggressive no matter what, incrementally bump your dose as stated in the point above with the purpose of finding your maximum effective dose...but no more.  When you find/hit your threshold, STOP adjusting upwards. 
  • Remember - this is 'information purposes ONLY'


     Theoretically, any AAS used for any purpose should be magnified in effectiveness by using Oral dromo at the 30mg+ day dose.  On paper this should be true for everyone, but we all know nothing ever is true for 100% of...any given thing, for EVERY single person.  That being said, I've never met a "dromo-non-responder".