Basic Function of the Liver

Basic liver function consists of two main phases. Phase I is where the liver takes substances that are not water soluble, and makes them water soluble. In Phase II, these substances along with all the other toxic byproducts of metabolism and drug residue are further detoxified.

Both phases are absolutely necessary to basic survival. If either function becomes impaired, the entire body will be under progressive stress and toxicity because the liver is the main detoxification organ of the human body.

Modern science has the basic chemistry of the liver locked down. Both Phase I and Phase II reactions of the liver are heavily influenced by the nutritional status of key nutrients. These nutrients are known and the process of nutritionally boosting liver function can be mapped out. We said in the above paragraph that Phase I involves making the filtrates water soluble. A huge part of this function is called methylation. Not 17 alpha alkylation like in oral anabolic steroids, but plain old methylation ...adding a "CH3" molecule to the substance. This is mostly a job for the b-vitamins.

Specific B-vitamins may be needed in huge quantities depending on various genetic, lifestyle, and drug behavior. Other than the B-vitamins, there are also many other key nurients that will allow your liver to become a much more efficient "methylator" and make the its job easier as well.

Phase II liver function involves processes such as conjugation and glucuronidation which also happen to be a huge aspect of anabolic steroid metabolism. This is where glutathione is your all-star. There are various substances which boost glutathione function in the body and the liver.

So which B-vitamins? What ratios and quantities? What time of day? Frequency of dosing? what are the other substances that boost Phase I and Phase II function? Read on.