Injuries I Have Had Related To Weight Training, Resistance Training, Bodybuilding, Etc.

Injuries I have experienced from some type of resistance or "lifting" activity of some sort related to our craft include the following:

  • Calf-tear: grade 1 in the left and grade 2-3 in the right (about 3 years apart) 
  • Triceps Brachii Tear:  grade 3 - needed surgery but opted to go mad scientist route and IFG-1ec personalized project
  • Left Shoulder (glenohumeral joint) dislocation:
  • Right Quadriceps Partial Rupture (proximal, not distal or related to patella/quadriceps tendon injury)
  • Very Minor Pec Tear:  grade 1 at most
  • Very Minor Triceps Tear:  grade 1 at most
  • Epicondylitis bilaterally - from time to time still acts up depending on martial arts or various odd physical demands when carrying more things than I should rather than taking an extra trip (not actually "heavy" objects by our standards)
  • hmmm.what else...I know there are many more 'tweaks'...I gotta brainstorm 

     Let's start with...either the most common varieties first, well - maybe the freakiest ones first...Ok - you're not going anywhere - we'll start with the most common joints/areas/types of injury classification first. 

     Man - they all seemed to huddle up in a hurry back-to-back-to-back when I actually stop and pause and think back on each injury as I remember it occurring.  Ok - so the very first one I can remember is not very sexy, scary, and doesn't have a brainiac type drug and training protocol that rescued my ass (oh - wait my iron brothers)!

A Quick Within-the-message-KEY:  Muscle, Ligament, Tendon, and my favorite "soft-tissue"-related injuries

     Muscle, itself, is the prototypical 'soft-tissue'.  Kind of ironic since we are always wanting rock-solid muscle from our efforts.  Soft-tissue as the term implies, is soft; anything in the human body that acts to contract (all forms of muscle - not just skeletal), connect, yield plasticity to (the ability to change length and shape under physical strain - (i.e. intensities or types of 'stretch') without permanently altering its length and shape (ex. a 'snap', 'tear', 'rupture', etc.).

     Since this is a keynote and not an anatomy class, this is enough info to grasp the essentials concerning soft tissue injuries within our uniquely physically demanding lifestyles we share

     For the purpose of injury classification, soft tissue is limited to: muscle, ligament, tendon, cartilage (all types), and anything that qualifies as connective tissue ( or finger/toe nails).  I say this last part because although crush injuries are not common in the weight-room anywhere in the world, they do, on occasion happen...freakishly. 

     Equipment failure, those select few who shouldn't be allowed in the gym because they promote hazards, etc.  Mine is kinda interesting (the most painfully unexpected experience that lasted for the most duration of time to boot!  Bet you can't guess it...unless you've experienced it...anyway - ADD - back to the common stuff first!