How to Use HCG for Post-Cycle-Recovery

This is a subject for which there is no concrete medical evidence to prove a set method. There are a few logical points to consider in HCG therapy being effecive for bringing back natural testosterone production after use of anabolics.

1. How old are you? The older you are, the less likely your leydig cells will respond favorably to the HCG.

2. How long have you been on anabolics? The longer your recent cycle has been, the more suppressed yoru leydig cells will be and the more HCG you will need to "shock" them out of dormancy.

3. How many years have you been cycling anabolics? The more years you have been cycling and the more often you have experienced incomplete testosterone recovery, the harder it will be to recover this time.

If you have never taken a quality break and allowed your strength and testosterone levels to stabilize without drug assistance, the more rest you will need and the longer and more accurate you will have to stay on your PCT regimen.

These are the three determinants of how responsive your leydig cells in the testicles will be the the HCG therapy.

Generally, the lower dose would be around 250iu HCG every other day or every day. The higher dose regimens I have heard of are 2,000 iu separated by 3-4 days, for 3-4 cycles. This means 3-4 shots of HCG, each 2,000 iu.

Being a seasoned user, I mean, theorist, what I have found to be best ( theory) would be to hit the leydig cells with bigger doses and because HCG has a long half-life, allow each shot to work until the half-life is gone. This way, we maximize the effects from the HCG without overloading the system. In this manner we minimize HCG antibody production and keep it useful for the future.

The "theoretical" dose that has worked best is 2500units administered on day 1, followed by a 4 day rest before another 2500unit injection on day 5. Do this three times for a 15 day total period and three total shots of 2500 units each. You should be good after that-make sure to use an estrogen receptor blocker during the therapy-such as clomid, nolvadex, etc. Intramuscular Use of HCG Subcutaneous Use of HCG