How much hcg for recovery?

So what dose of HCG for leydig cell and testosterone recovery? Well, as we said before, it depends what drugs you have used for how long and what state your testis are currently in. Do you have a lot of shrinkage? Not too much? Lets construct a rough outline in order to determine an appropriate dose.

<10 Weeks with minimal shrinkage: 250-500 units initial dose<10 Weeks with medium/measurable/obvious shrinkage: 500-1000 units for the initial dose

>10 Weeks with obvious shrinkage: 1000-1500 units initial dose>10 Weeks with extreme shrinkage: 2000-2500 units initial dose

NON-CYCLING Permanent User: 2500 units initial dose

Remember, the larger the dose, the larger the corresponding testosterone stimulation on the testis, but the larger increase in estrogen as well. If you are anything but a bone dry "non-aromatizing" user (someone who does not need anti-estrogens even on testosterone), then you may not need any anti-estrogens/receptor blockers for minimal shrinkage and doses aroudn 250-500 units of HCG. Respect HCG's ability to grow man boobs...learn how to protect from excess estrogen with precision. In this case a little effort for some extra learning will go a long way.

If you are anything but a "non-aromatizer", it would be smart to use a low dose receptor blocker such as nolvadex or clomid while you take your HCG shots for recovery. It is smart at the least, no matter how sure you are that you are not prone to estrogenic side effects, to keep some anti-estrogens/receptor blockers on hand. Actually, I keep some around year round as a health precaution.

If you are ever feeling watery and bloated, you can just start a 2 week course of estrogen antagonism, throw in some thyroid, a little prolactin antagonist (we'll get to that), do a bit of cardio, and shaaazzzammmm!! Your watery build will be a thing of the past.

There are some additional tricks to having a bone dry physique but I can't give away all the secrets...yet. If you really want the info now


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