Growth Hormone and Adrenal Exhaustion

Growth Hormone is known as the fountain of youth hormone. This is true only when it is balanced by other hormones that are essential to the human body. For physique building purposes, GH is another level beyond anabolics which allows for further progress. Adrenal hormones must be balanced for GH to work maximmally. With respect to adrenal hormones, we are talking specifically of cortisol and aldosterone.

This is where many years of previous experience come in. How many times have you known a bodybuilder or physique athlete trying to get ultra ripped, who, barely is able to stand. I distinctly remember dieting before the biggest region show that I have ever competed in (which I won) and I only had energy the first 30 min to 60 minutes after each meal. Between meals, I could barely stand up. Little did I know at the time this was massive cortisol INSUFFICIENCY.

I say "insufficiency" due to the fact that I was using multiple anabolics along with 2-3 iu per day of growth hormone. Now, 8 years later, after a medical fellowship in hormones and a master's degree, I realize I was drastically depleting my adrenal glands. On top of the use of GH which accelerates the use of cortisol, I was using Cytadren, a 11-hydroxylase enzyme inhibitor of cortisol. The reason I was taking this powerful drug was to suppress cortisol in order to preserve muscle mass while dieting. Sound familiar?

The fatigue I felt went beyond what I previously had experienced to that point, but I thought it was normal fatigue due to how strictly I was dieting. So, I just popped some ephedrine and caffeine to further enhance thermogenesis while also protecting muscle mass and getting my butt off the couch in order to do my cardio each day. Stimulants, artificially forced the adrenals to kick out more adrenaline and nor-adrenaline which is akin to ringing a lemon to the last drop when squeezing it over the last few peices of calamari at your favorite restaurant.

Hypocaloric diets, in general will allow the adrenal glands to become exhausted and beaten if certain nutrients are not provided for the glands and a rest period is not allowed. There are also synthetic means of taking care of the adrenals and allowing them to rest. Could I be suggesting the use of cortisol? Tich, Tich...this is an information site only remember? By the way, are you also dizzy when you stand up quickly while on your GH cycles? Want to fix it? Did you know that you can be HEALTHIER if you take care of a good quantity of cortisol? Surprised that I am not promoting the blockage of cortisol? Guess what? You can actually growth better and faster with healthy (non-suppressed levels) of cortisol. Let's combine underground juicing knowledge, with clinical-medical fellowship knowledge, and find out how to do this...