Growth Hormone's General Aesthetic Effects

Growth Hormone is a drug used to promote leanness and muscle growth in the human body. More than a decade has past since GH has been synthesized in the laboratory so anyone thinking this drug is from the brains of monkeys is in the dark ages.

The days of Lyle Alzado are long gone. Back then, it is true that the GH was extracted from hundreds of monkeys in order to make enough for one little vial.

Growth hormone has many stipulations and misinformation surrounding the facts. This drug does not promote massive size gains. Nor does it make you ripped overnight-no matter what some high level pro bodybuider "discloses" in some magazine. Healthy levels of GH will promote fat loss when coupled with an optiimal endocrine profile where testosterone or androgenic type drugs are at a high blood level, and the diet is strict and hypocaloric.

The main function of GH and its anabolic effects come from the production of IGF-I or "insulin-like growth factor I" in the liver. Administration of GH injections stimulates the liver to secrete IGF-I which is more anabolic than testosterone or GH itself. GH, does act more as an anti-catabolic than an anabolic. This is one of the reasons pros still use IGF-I injections in addition to regular growth hormone injections. There is more of an overall "anabolic" growth effect when combining the two. GH by itself, unless used in tremendously large doses, has subtle but pleasant effects on the manipulation of muscle mass and fat loss.

Off-season bulking with heavy androgens and high GH quantity will only serve to keep a minimal level of leanness at best. GH is a major stimulator of water retention. If you have ever seen a pro or top level amateur bodybuilder in the Off-season you will notice that they are SUPER bloated and yet still lean enough that you can see the outline of watery, blocky abdominal muscles. The tremendous water retention that high dose GH causes is one of the reasons it is known in the underground as "a gigantic potato head maker".

For mid-level physique athletes or bodybuilders, GH is not the huge player most people believe it is. For high level bodybuilding and used in massive doseages, GH indeed can stimulate measurable growth and is synergistic with anabolics.

For anti-aging and disease prevention, GH is a very valuable asset. When used for purposes of hormonal corrective therapy, GH has shown plenty of benefit with diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cognition, energy, sex drive, reasonable fat loss as well as overall improvement in quality of life. Growth Hormone Caveats: Fatigue