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Guys-Keep Your Libido, Your Brain, Your Bone, and Your Gains! Estrogen needs to be optimized and controlled precisely, not wiped out completely.

Estrogen is a great hormone. Without it, we obviously wouldn't have women-hehe. In all seriousness, there is much more to estrogen than most bodybuilders and physique atheletes think. For example, maybe you didn't know that there are three main types of estrogen that get metabolized in both the male and female body: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), estriol (E3).

We can actually control the metabolism of these three "metabolites". Androstenedione is converted by aromatase to estrone. Estriol is converted from estrone if your nutrients are sufficient in your body. Testosterone itself is converted by aromatase to estradiol. Estradiol is by far the strongest of all three metabolites and responsible for the majority of the known effects of estrogen. Estrone and estradiol can metabolize back and forth depending on the enzymes available. So why should you care? Well, if estradiol is the strongest and most responsible estrogen, it would make sense to learn that we can control its metabolism, wouldn't it?

Separate from anti-estrogens and anti-armomatases, you can control the activity of the potent estradiol and its metabolites in your body. This is where your liver health is key. Ever get tons of water retention while on a cycle heavily based on orals? This could have very likely been due to a stressed liver not having the necessary "methylation" or "detox" ability to get rid of the potent estrogens and allow them to be excreted and metabolized without harm.

What does this all mean? How do you use this information functionally, in the real world in order to have a healthier, less watery physique? Lets get to that now...

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