Estrogen and the Effect on the Male Breast and Gyno

   Gyno is a topic that always seems to rear its ugly head when it comes to males and anabolics. The male breast has estrogen receptors just like the female breast, just not as abundant in number. Additionally, the only real reason for a hormone to hook-up with a receptor is to carry out its function. Since estrogen has no function in the male breast, it is fair to say that the few receptors we have as men are UN-occupied by estrogen under normal conditions.

   Someone once asked me about a certain WWF then WWE wrestler and why he had band-aids on his nipples for a few matches a few years ago. Although it was perplexing to me that such a popular and well-liked athlete would be lacking the help/knowledge/know-how to avoid gyno, because fellas,gyno it surely was!

This particular individual had a small band-aid on each breast plate - right over the nipples. It was clear there was some surgery recently done. It was also clear by the extreme watery appearance of the muscles, that there was zero practical help or knowledge being applied to this indiviudual's estrogen management regimen.

   Man, remember those days before the WWE was the WWF?! I never got into it the way most of my friends did, but man did those guys have some impressive albeit watery physiques! I think the "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Big Poppa Pump" are the only ones who knew what an antiestrogen was.

   So what is the deal? Why do high end athletes with great physiques and plenty of access to the right drugs and ancillary drugs (antiestrogens) still get gyno? Is it inevitable?

   Everyone has an opinion on this one. I tend to take the laws of science and physiology over anyone...whether a world renown "expert/guru", or a gigantic bodybuilder resembling Greg Kovac's Size with Flex Wheeler's aesthetics.

Without getting into complicated chemistry, we can all agree that there are certain rules on gravity...and certain rules in where must take place in order to convert an androgen (any anabolic steroid) into an estrogen.

   The enzyme that makes estrogen is technically called a 19-Aro Cytochrome. Now I know many of you reading this are thinking "here we go again some dude trying to look smart explaining the same old stuff"...You may be right, but you are also still reading this so I must have caught your attention somewhere and you must be looking for something. How about the TRUTH.

I have been very fortunate to have some great mentors in my life in a few different areas of education - some school, some life, some...the underground. I feel fortunate to have learned a ton of practical knowledge from traditional school and directly from mentors in modern medicine with Degrees and Accreditation. Then I applied it on athletes in all endeavors and levels of competition as well as - myself -oops.

But my absolute favorite all along has been: THE UNDERGROUND.

There are so many opinions out there everywhere you look. I'm sure this website is filled with bias and opinion...that is one of the main reasons I ever even wrote a single word.

However, my personal bias cannot change the laws of science and it is here that I will ask you to be stringent with what you read and accept. What you hear, no matter who it is from, must be able to make sense on some level with respect to the laws of physiology, cell behavior, and drug response in the human body. Otherwise, the information still holds value - for them and their personal experience only.

Too many a well publicized and respected individual has stated observations and opinions as fact when speaking about human performance through drug assistance.

Not that I didn't learn from known "gurus" whose articles and books many of us have read but - I just learned how much they knew...and when they were guessing and being subjective about with respect to drug metabolism and behavior. But God Bless them because without the Dan Duchaines and Patrick Arnolds of the world, who knows how many of us would have never picked up a weight, or a book.

How else could I have gotten Ds in general chemistry, low Cs in general physics, and Cs in Bio despite my best effort, but effortlessly (in comparison, not really) mostly As in upper level Exercise Physiology and Endocrinolgy and Biomechanics? Okay, maybe its just me but I think all of these individuals have pioneered the way to learn the Truth and apply the knowledge in an advanced and beneficial way that only the current times can support.

Estrogen Management in the Male is a Huge Concern: Lets Get it Right!

GYNO and the BIG FOUR - Update 2011