equipoise Drug Profile

Equipoise is another great drug. The chemical name is boldenone undecylenate. It is the only long acting anabolic that uses the undecylenate ester. This ester consists of an eleven carbon chain and gives the drug an effective hafl-life for muscle building of roughly 12 days. Equipoise is named after equine or horse. As many of you know, this is a champaigne drug for thoroughbreads at the racetrack. So, the obvious intended usage of equipoise (eq) is veterinary.

Every bottle I have ever seen except Fort Dogde eq has had various funny pictures of animals somwehere on it. Personally, I get a kick out of knowing I am puttin a muscle building substance into my body that is suppose to make an animal which is four times my size/weight, stronger, healthier, faster and have a better appetite. If you can read spanish, you probably have read this off a bottle of eq before. The pharmacopia for eq consists of these very things: appetite increase, positive nitrogen retention and weight gain, stimulation (enhancement) of the immune system, and general increase in the state of the species physiology. Cool, gimme some.

Ganabol is a very well known version of eq used specifically for these purposes in the horse. Indications on the label also have doses for cattle, cats and dogs.

There can be an argument made against the safety and cleanliness of veterinary anabolic steroids. Without going into a huge debate and discussion about quality control, we can just use common sense. Firs of all, most of the vet anabolics on the black market are from Mexico. It is pretty much common fact that Mexican manufacturing plants do not have stringent cleanliness policies for anything. That being said, I have never known a single bodybuilder or athlete (or lawyer, student, police officer, state trooper-haha, seriously I've known more than a few of each-fyi) who has injected eq and had a problem with abcesses and cleanliness. And you can imagine, there have been a ton of these people. Are you taking a greater risk in using vet anabolics? All common sense would say, probably. Trust your source and accept the risks and potential consequences.

I have never known someone who was careful about their source and smart about injection procedure who has developed an abscess which needed medical attention. Is it possible that some dirty rat or bug could fall into the batch, make its way in micro parts to your bottle, and into your butt cheek? Probably. Likely? You'll probably also win the lotto next week. But it is a possibility. So make your own choice. All I can say is that if you could take away all the muscle ever built onto physiques that was strictly from human grade products, there would be no impressive physiques around. Ok...back to how cool eq is...

Equipoise has the best erthropoesis stimulating properties of any drug, save for anadrol and maybe suspension. What this means in a functional sense is a better oxygen capacity of your system which correlates directly with your aerobic ability or Vo2 max. Who cares about aerobic capacity? Not me, probably not you either, but cyclists do. By the way, leave my man Lance alone. The Tour de France is like non-drug tested pro bodybuilding. Everyone is on the same playing field. Sorry everyone, just have to divert the juice bag societal condemnity onto some other athletic groups. My point, eq is a heavily used drug with respect to sport in which athletes necessitate a huge oxygen/aerobic demand to be successful.

The cool part to all of us is that increase erthropoeisis accounts for increased blood volume which accounts for increased vascularity. Personally I have found the joint healing properties of eq to be very close to deca. But eq is often a better choice because it also increases vascularity and also appetite. Plus, let's face it, it just never hurts. Eq is so friendly as far as injections go. You cold use 3cc's and as long as you got yourself some legitimate product, you shouldn't welt up.

Dosages for eq range greatly, as do injection schedules. Some fools think they need to take it every day simply because it is often thought of as a cutting drug like winstrol. There is NO advantage to poking yourself everyday or even every other day with eq. In fact, due to the very long active life, you should take a hefty dosage from the start so that when the drug begins releasing, you have enough of it working at one time to do something.

Effective dosages begin at at least 200mg a week. Most individuals I know use much more than this, even on the novice level. Eq is about the same strength as deca so you will need about the same dosage. I would take no less than 300mg every ten days or so if you are a novice user. If you are more advanced, upwards of 400mg every ten days. The upper limit of effectiveness and diminishing returns is probably around 800mg. Be sure if you are more advanced and or daring and you go this high, that you are using a 200mg/cc version so that you do not have to pump gallons of oil into your body. The old 50ml jugs that are 50mg/cc would require you to inject 8cc's a week just to get a bottom level effective dose. Eq does seem to work relatively fast despite the long ester. Reasons as to why are pure speculation and nobody really knows. However, you do need to have enough of it in your system for it to work. Once it builds up, you want to simply maintain it.

Loading eq for the first few days makes sense. Since it doesn't hurt you could just use 2cc of the 200mg/cc strength drug right from the start. You could wait 10-12 days to inject again but most people want a weekly schedule. So, once per week, you could take 2-4cc's of the drug.

This is a pic of Fort Dodge Equipoise (American Made), an excellent brand if legit. Just be cautious about your injection volume. These traditional eq's are only 50mg/cc. Remember, you will need 8cc a week minimum to give you the minimal dosage of 200mg (which I've already said, I think is too low, more like 300mg).

Here is Tornel Equipoise from Mexico. This too, is a good product. However, this is also a 50mg/cc strength. I have used this one several times in my past with good vascularity, good appetite, good gains, and just felt good. Usually combined with a medium dose test at around 500mg (two sustanons). The dosage I took was around 300-350mg per week.

Many of you have probably heard that dianabol is very close in chemical structure to equipoise (and vice versa). This is true. If you look at the numbered ring structure here, pay particular attention to carbon #17 (the thatched roof portion on the right-most ring). If you put a methyl group (CH3) on the 17 position, you "17 orally alpha-alkylate" the equipoise making the new molecule methandrostenolone (dianabol). This is why the chemical name has "meth" in the beginning. It refers to this addition of a methyl group at position 17. You could say that d-bol is oral equipoise and it would be chemically accurate. Follow? Just in case, let me explain...

The bottom molecule is the boldenone. Don't get confused by the "OR" on the 17 position here. The "O" is just an oxygen molecule and the "R" represents the 11 carbon ester chain; the undecylenate. Look only at the base molecule (the interconnected rings). The drug molecules are virtually identical. Basically, if you just took a boldenone molecule (without the confusing ester, and put a CH3 on the 17 position; boldenone becomes dianabol. You could also say the opposite: that if you took the d-bol molecule, and took off the CH3 from the 17 position, then added the ester, you would get equipoise.

This is just interesting and I figured to mention it because many have no doubt heard of this. If you have not, now you have the full explanation without hearing the first part without the explanation and having to wonder why. These two drugs do not convert back and forth in the body, the above example is simply illustrative of why you may have heard or read before that these two drugs are similar. Only in structure. In action they are very different (as many of you who have used each of these drugs, no doubt knows). But now you know structure-wise. And if you have heard this before, now you know exactly why they are structurally similar.