Empirical Growth Cycles-The Best Cycles I have Seen for Growth in the Real World

Empirical Growth Cycles

The most effective cycle I have ever seen was my sophomore year in college. Seen, not did. I was actually quite jealous. This kid next door to me used to ask me about stuff. One day he was very serious. I hooked him up and the rest was history. He trusted me to tell him what to do. Since I became friends with him and trusted him as well, I gave him advice. Everyone on campus was doing it, I just knew what I was doing so it was a little more…obvious. We’ll get to my short little friend in a minute, but I just thought of an old story that is hilarious that I have to share.

One of my other buddies (I had a lot of juice buddies in college and have countless ones now) once forgot that he had put a syringe in his coat pocket. He thought it was his pencil as he reached into his pocket during a statistics lecture with over 200 kids in the class. He pulled it out and put the needle in his ear…not literally in his ear, he slid it on top of the ear without looking at it-you know like a carpenter does with his pencil, well…he used to do that with pencils and this time, pulled out a three cc, inch and a half syringe. He placed it in his ear like he had done with a pencil so many times before, not realizing that this time it was a syringe in his hand and not a pencil. It took him a good thirty seconds to realize it.

It scared the crap out of me and two other friends that were sitting in our section. Good thing we sat in the back, I don't think too many people saw-it was pretty dark in the lecture hall. It was a ridiculous seen, I’m sure you can imagine. Thank god it wasn't a criminology class. Anyway, back to the most effective cycle I’ve ever seen…

My short little buddy next door to me. We’ll call him NJ. NJ was about five foot four. Legitimately five foot four, no taller. He had somewhat of a thick musculature and had been lifting for a few years. He was around nineteen years old when he took his first shot (wonder who gave it to him?) and swallowed his first few d-bols. NJ was only 158lbs. He got back to basics under my tutelage and did heavy squats, presses and rows. He did a little bit of arms and shoulders but not much. He didn’t have to. My little buddy was taking 250-500mg Sustanon a week (two Organon amps-yeah we had good stuff for college kids), 400mg of Brovel Deca Durabolin (remember those beautiful little 10mlx200mg jugs), and five to seven d-bol a day. This kid was a very strong minded individual. He lifted like an animal. He was no pu-c. Sorry, must be the little bit of asian gene I have.

Just under nine weeks later, my friend was over 200lbs. No gut. Lots of water, but lots of mass. His head looked like a basketball. The thing of it was, his biceps looked like softballs. I was two years older with a year of juice ahead of him. His arms were not the same as mine at the time, just under 18 inches. He grew out of all of his clothes. He was a campus joke. I remember he showed me a pair of boxers that no longer fit. The elastic bands around where the thighs go was ripped on both sides. He had to make little slits in his shorts so his thighs would fit. Good thing it was summer. He would have had to ruin all his pants. No exaggeration. It was the craziest thing I had seen at the time, which really isn’t saying all that much. However, NJ’s first cycle experience remains the craziest thing I have seen to date…and that says a ton.

NJ’s juice experience was extraordinary. They say you never gain like you do on your first cycle. This is only true if you do enough juice. I didn’t want my buddy to be disappointed with his gains by taking a little less than what I thought he needed. I had already seen a few buddies go through various cycles and not gain much. Their stuff was real, they just didn’t take enough, didn’t lift hard enough, or didn’t eat enough. NJ did everything right. All in all he probably gained only 2% body-fat and the rest well, you know what it was. I would say to anyone who is not literally of pro proportions, that the d-bol, deca, sustanon cycle is probably the most potent and sane combination of drugs you can use, if you use anabolics alone with no auxiliaries (GH, IGF, etc).

I personally have never done this exact cycle. I don’t know why either. It is virtually ideal from the standpoint of mechanism of action. Sustanon is a long acting testosterone blend which takes care of bulking, deca works well to increase general healing capacity and take care of your joints to lift heavy, and d-bol will help put size on the worst genetic body known to man. Sustanon works by way of androgen receptors. Deca (nandrolone) has a high affinity for the receptors as well. Dianabol has large affect on and outside the receptors. Any oral drug will stimulate a greater increase in IGF-I without having to use IGF-I. IGF-I is literally the most anabolic substance in the body which is why the body only has picograms of it, not milligrams. The combination has all bases of growth covered from the standpoint of anabolic steroids alone. Sustanon, being a heavy androgen will stimulate strength gain by way of the neural growth factors, as will d-bol. D-bol is also quick acting and will raise the blood androgen level within the hour, heightening the central nervous system (CNS) and increasing neuromuscular activation for increased muscle contraction.

Anadrol and trenbolone also make for a great cycle. I have seen many advanced users who have seemed to plateau in terms of mass, gain a good 8-10lbs in less than two months. This weight was quality weight as well. I must add that the individuals I have seen do this were not prone to estrogenic affects and generally were leaner than most at the onset of their cycles. I have not seen an athlete get gyno while on this stack. Typically the dosages were somewhat high, 2 anadrol a day (100mg) and 4-5cc’s of tren per week. The tren varied in brand and was not consistent. So, if it was IP, it could have been their newer enanthate form of tren (great, great drug, very smooth, quick onset, you feel good on it too), or any other brand. It is fair to say that they probably were taking in the neighborhood of 225mg to 450mg per week. Four fifty is high for tren. I would have a small kidney concern with this dosage. If you are going to do this, at least don’t do it for longer than eight weeks max. These two drugs are no joke and you must respect them in order to avoid harm to your body. Remember fellas, you can’t grow if you are on dialysis. Aggressive, not stupid.

The above cycle will probably wipe out your sex drive. You will definitely suppress your natural test down to nothing while on this cycle. So, clomid, hcg, etc., will be essential if you are going to take a break from juice when done with this cycle. The cycle after this, or should you bridge to another drug(s) should be a non-toxic injectable such as deca, eq, or primo.

A great lower risk cycle is some deca and d-bol. Many buddies have done this with spectacular results. If you have done less than five cycles in your life, this will probably be sufficient. It is not toxic enough to be of concern and it is potent enough to make you grow. You should also have an intact sex drive due to the androgens from the d-bol balancing out the deca noodle pee-pee effect.

Regular long acting testosterone and deca is great as well. Long acting test and long acting deca. This way you don’t have to poke yourself six times per week. Two, two ml shots of each should do it. Try to get 250mg enanthate and 300mg deca. This would give 500mg enanthate and 600mg deca per week. This would also be very safe and effective. This simple combo has formed the basis of most of the quality physiques I have had first hand drug knowledge of. If you are more advanced or an androgen head like me, you can up the test and decrease the anabolic. Three susts a week and 400 deca works great too. It might actually work better depending on your genetics and preferences, as well as your susceptibility to androgenic/estrogenic side effects.

Testosterone and equipoise works great too. Eq wil give you a little more vascularity than deca will. This is why I like it. Those veins coursing through bulging muscle makes everything that much cooler, don’t you think? Anything less than 300mg for a seasoned user will not do much. I like 400mg. Make sure you use a higher dose eq product, you don’t want an old school 50mlx50mg jug of vet stuff if you are trying to use this much per week. Your injection volume will get ridiculous. Get some 200mg strength eq so you only have to do two to four cc’s a week. I don’t really see the point in using more than 800mg of eq max.

If you can afford to take high dose oral winstrol, you will love it. It will completely make you re-think your ideas on traditional winstrol use. I have seen clueless college kids eating calzones, pizza, and drinking beer three times per week gain a good ten pounds or so in six to eight weeks without much water. By high dose I mean the neighborhood of 40-50mg/day. You might think I’m nuts by saying that if you have never gotten your hands on IP 50mg winstrol tabs. If you can trust your source and they are real, they are great. It is my favorite all purpose drug. If you want to bulk, combine it with a test, if you want to get lean, combine it with some equipoise, primo, tren or even some deca. Actually, if you are going IP, you may as well use their shorter acting durabolin. It has a half life of three to four days and works much quicker than traditional deca durabolin. IP makes ten ml jugs that are 200mg per ml or cc. I have done this combo when trying to stay off heavy androgens and I actually still grow everytime I do it. I may not put on pounds of weight, but my joints feel great and the quality of my physique improves. Think of the effects of high dose oral winstrol like medium dose testosterone. I would compare one, 50mg tab of Winnie per day to 500mg of sustanon a week. Hopefully, if you choose to try it and can find some, you will think the same or better.

There are endless combos of cycles that have a good rhyme and reason to them. The preceding were just a few. I hope this gives you a good idea of how to combine drugs for bulking. Maybe you have seen some more interesting things than I have. We will have an email address in the future where we can correspond on these topics.