dianabol Drug Profile

Dianabol is one of the oldest drugs in the juicing craft. It was first invented in 1952 by Dr. John Ziegler in order to combat the dominant Russians in the Olympics. The Russians had been using indectible testosterone for some time and were kicking our asses. Dr. Ziegler synthesized the first anabolic steroid (testosterone derivative) in order to help level the playing field. Dianabol was the first American made anabolic steroid. It had great popularity amongst athletes of all realms. Steroids were relatively unknown to the public (unlike today’s ignorant “steroids are bad for you and make you beat your wife” public) and were mostly used in small circles that were in the know. Years ago, anabolic steroids were not used as abundantly as they are today.

When I was in college, almost every buddy of mine had a stash under their bunk bed that would never allow them to become governor (pun intended) if they were ever caught.

Today, dianabol has enjoyed a long and various usage among many different dynamics of users. About the only group of athletes that I have not seen take enormous amounts of this drug are female athletes. Most people think of a pill as “not being that bad for you, its only a pill”. It is this attitude that has allowed so many to try a cycle (yeah right, just one) of dianabol.

D-bol is a great drug. Every bit of literature will say it has “liver toxicity” but this is not a concern for healthy bodybuilders that get blood tests, do not have abnormal genetic liver conditions, and repect the drug (don’t take it year-round non-stop or in ridiculous dosages). The vast majority of individuals I have seen take the drug in 25mg daily dosages spread out throughout the day. Even most advanced users will notice this dosage working. If you have done it many times, and are a really seasoned user, you will need more than this. However, you shouldn’t need much more. D-bol is a drug meant for stacking. It works great with deca, primobolan, equipoise, and of course, testosterone. D-bol will probably work wonders with any injectable anabolic steroid, just be cautious not to combine multiple orals at a given time when taking d-bol. There is no need to anyway, d-bol is plenty potent as an effective oral component of your cycle.

Novice dosages seem to be the same, around 25mg/day or five of those wonderful Thailand tabs. If you have tried them and not liked them, you got fake stuff or you didn’t get pure d-bol. The real stuff is fantastic. The first time I ever did double digit reps with ease with 315 was after taking three d-bol and my typical ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin stack. Talk about a potent, driven, aggressive, focused rush. The weights felt like Styrofoam. If you are connected (by choice, remember, info purposes only) you can locate a tub of 1000 (5mg tabs) for around $400 or $350. This makes a great investment. If I were more in line with my bodybuilding goals I would definitely use d-bol twice per year in a relatively lengthy (12 weeks) and heavy androgen cycle (with test). The right amount of d-bol will enable you to eat plenty, have a ton of energy, feel mentally great, and have a huge sex drive. Your body will feel pumped all the time and you will fell like you can accomplish anything.

As a side note, d-bol has given me the most productive, positive, semi-euphoric mind set of anything I have ever tried. It is obvious that I am a big fan for many reasons. Get liver enzymes checked before and after and always be sure to go off for half the time you are on. Most literature says twice the time, that is just ridiculous and nobody does it nor is there a need to. Make sure to take milk thistle (silymarin), N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and lipoic acid to combat any toxicity. Carry on with this regimen of anti-toxic anti-oxidants during the off cycle of d-bol. Remember to get your liver tested before going back on. If you take precautions, you can get away with a more aggressive style of juicing. If you are careless, you will eventually end up a media story in some way, shape or form. We don’t want to hurt our sub-culture, juicers are intelligent, know their bodies, and are way ahead of the rest of the sport and performance community. There will be a page describing how to read your liver tests and what to look out for in the near future.

Medium to advanced lifters take between six and ten tabs per day which corresponds to 30-50mg per day of the 5mg tabs. Russian d-bol often comes loose and sometimes has a bit of methyl-testosterone in it. This will make you strong and give you an aggressive edge but is toxic to your system. Unlike most orals, this drug really is pretty nasty and you don’t want to take it. Do not use Russians unless you are certain of your source. Opt for the Thailand d-bol and make sure the bottle is shrink wrapped with an obvious imprinted or stamped on label date and lot number on the bottle. Do not use d-bol for more than 12 weeks continuous without a break. By our rule, you would then take at least six weeks off orals before running another oral drug. If you have never used d-bol, start with just one tab, three times per day with meals (15mg). It may be enough, especially if you are stacking.

One interesting point-whenever using a new drug of any sort, be certain to take it by itself for a few days. This is the only way you will be able to monitor its specific effects. Once you feel you have a good grasp of how the drug is affecting your body, you can add others. It is always smart to experiment in this manner rather than shot-gunning and having no clue which drug is doing what. Remember d-bol is a pretty heavy androgen and aromatizes. If you are prone to estrogenic side effects, be certain to keep an anti-estrogen on hand. With real d-bol you should notice the effects within a week max. Usually within three days of dosing. One way to test is by chewing a pill. It should taste a little peppery, but not super bitter. If it is super bitter it has a large amount of methyl-test in it or some other cheap chemical filler. Be cautious and get real stuff, you will like the results.

Above is a close up of the Thailand pills. These are my favorite. These pills can be found in tubs of 1000 (the famous Thailand Tubs...picture at the top of the page). These usually run as high as $700 for a tub but I have seen them as low as $450. I have heard (but not seen) of prices much lower than this as well. Depends on where in the world you live, and, like everything else, who you know.

Notice that these pills are kind of thick. Everytime I used d-bol that had a kick, they were the thicker ones. There were many rumors in the Northeast US that the thick d-bols were fake. This was not my experience. I had used the thinner tabs and they worked, but none like the thick pink tabs in the 1000 tab tub. Notice that with the tabs shown, they are scored only on one side of the pill. These types of themes change constantly and the only way to know is to stay current by knowing many people. Be cautious of your source and who you trust.

Above is a picture of Oeffler Reforvit-B. This is liquid d-bol. Talk about a cool drug. Because d-bol is chemically altered in the 17 carbon position (17alkylation or 17AA), it resists hepatic breakdown by the liver. This holds true for liquid d-bol. I have heard many meatheads have the conversation of whether or not you can drink it. The answer is, yes, absolutely. It is the same chemical whether it is in liquid or pill form. The liquid is just mixed with propylene glycol as a preservative and base. It tastes really bitter and will bite your tast buds. Definitely keep a big glass of water nearby if you plan on drinking this puppy.

The only inconvenience is that 1ml=25mg. One millilieter is not so small to inject, but when you are talking about drinking it, this is a very small amount of fluid. From what I have seen it does not pay to try and break up your dose as you would with pill spacing throughout the day (ex. 2 w/breakfast, 2 w/lunch, 2 w/dinner). It is very troublesome to try and measure 1/5th to 2/5 ml of solution every time you want to drink some. Just use a full 1 ml. I have seen various individuals take 1ml twice per day and blow up enormously. Keep in mind that this would also equate to 50mg of dianabol a day, not a shabby dose and one you would not want to take for more than about eight weeks before taking a break from orals and getting your liver tested.