Demands of Sport Dictate Which Anabolic Steroids Likely To Optimize Performance

Anabolic Steroids are everywhere in sports and are more rampant than most of us realize. There are a few basic systems in the human body with respect to muscle fuel and metabolism. The first lesson I ever learned in exercise physiology 101 undergrad is that all three systems are ALWAYS contributing.

  1. ATP-CP
  2. Anaerobic/Glyciolytic
  3. Aerobic/Oxidative

Anabolic steroids, each being somewhat different at the molecular level, fit into the androgen receptor differently and promote varying effects. The basic way anabolic steroids work is by mimicking the base effects and behavior of testosterone.

How does testosterone work? Same way - it fits into the androgen receptor and then a host of events occur in multiple steps that activate your unique DNA in order to cause effects at the cellular level. These effects lead to the "bottom line" function of the drug/hormone as we know it. Where is the difference seen between AAS (synthetic) and Testosterone?

The slight difference in molecular structure makes for a different and unique fit into the androgen receptor for each and every anabolic steroid. Not much different, but at the cellular level, a small change - like moving or replacing a single molecule is enough to trigger a process that makes testosterone into its counterpart - estrogen - "aromatization" as we know it.