deca-durabolin Drug Profile

Deca Durabolin is probably the most well known form of nandrolone. Millions of anabolic steroid users have used “deca” throughout many years. There is rarely side effects seen with this drug. Nandrolone in general is a mild androgen, aromatizes only slightly, and increases nitrogen retention markedly. Deca durabolin as most of you know is a long acting version of nandrolone. It has a ten carbon ester chain (i.e. “deca”) and a active half-life of eight to ten days. Active half-life is the duration that the drug is useful in the system for our purposes of muscle building, not what can traced in the system (other literature often quotes 2+weeks). For our purposes, deca should be taken at least once per week for an optimal and even muscle building androgen level.

One of the most popular things heard about deca is a mysterious ability to heal joints. I will tell you that this is true to some extent. Deca is very good at masking minor joint pain and old nagging injuries. This does not mean it will “heal” you. Deca has minor anti-inflammatory ability due to its unique nature in interacting with cortisol. The exact mechanism is not surely known. Some gurus say it interferes with the cortisol receptor and some say deca itself acts as an anti-inflammatory. Since cortisol is itself an anti-inflammatory, it makes little sense that deca “blocks” cortisol’s effects. Deca probably works by literally acting as an anti-inflammatory (the drug itself is able to reduce inflammation of soft tissues).

Cortisol is the body’s most potent naturally produced anti-inflammatory. An exaggeration of this point is the “cortisol shot”. The cortisol shot is a very highly concentrated, intra-articular (inside the joint capsule), long acting version of your body’s own cortisol. Anyone who has had a cortisone shot knows the extreme and immediate relief of pain and discomfort that this shot brings about. Usually, the most worn and beat up joints can get a few months relief out of a single shot. The problem is, cortisol, by its nature, eats soft tissue. Cortisol kills most if not all of the inflammation in an area, but also weakens the surrounding tissue. Deca, on the other hand can have an anti-inflammatory effect without weakening the surrounding tissues, and can help strengthen them if used properly. The tissue weakening effect of cortisol is due to the fact that cortisol is also the most catabolic hormone in the body. Dual functions, some good, some bad. I guess it depends on your situation.

The huge advantage of deca is that it (usually) does not cause: hair loss, prostate growth, mood changes, oily skin or acne; generally, zero typical steroid side effects. The only disadvantage of deca is its progestagenic effect which may lower sex drive in some people (the dreaded “deca dick”). Not all are susceptible to this side effect and, like many other side affects with anabolic steroids, the probability seems to be dosage and duration related. At dosage of 200-400mg, deca rarely causes problems. At higher dosages, unless combined with a more androgenic drug such as dianabol or testosterone, deca can decrease your sex drive.

If you are the conservative type, or are prone to side effects from heavy androgens, it is a relief to know that it doesn’t take much androgen to balance deca. Let’s say you are conservative. For every 200mg of deca, you need about 100mg of testosterone. So, you could take a 400mg functional dose of deca (2cc’s of your average available jug) and a 200mg dose of testosterone (almost all long acting esters are 200mg/cc-at least). A good stack I have seen countless times is to combine 400-600mg of deca with one sustanon a week. When using 500mg or less of testosterone, sustanon has its advantages over cypionate or enanthate. You could use one sust every ten days. This has been sufficient for maintenance of sex drive during deca cycles for many juicers.

At higher more advanced dosages, deca probably needs more androgen to stay balanced. Above 600mg, you will probably need around 500mg of testosterone to keep the sex drive healthy. Keep in mind, this is largely an individual matter, and obvious importance to me (this is why I am discussing it at length). If you experience with less androgens and feel fine, by all means, less is more. You will have to experience with dosages in order to find what makes you feel strong and healthy mentally, physically, and sexually. After all, anabolic steroids were put on this earth to make people healthy and strong, not sick and weak. Who says you have to be sick and weak in the first place to benefit from them? That is ridiculous. However, abusing dosages that are not needed is just as ridiculous. Remember, be aggressive, but be smart and always respect what you are taking and the potency of these drugs. I would say the tail end of deca dosage would be around 800-1000mg max. Even at this dosage, I have rarely seen an advanced bodybuilder go this high with deca. Personally, from what I have seen and done, I feel strongly that 300mg every 6-8 days is the threshold for deca durabolin effectiveness.

As we all know, deca and dianabol is the classic old school cycle. With good reason, this stack is awesome for size, strength, and quality gains. Deca also stacks well with any testosterone. Optimally, I have seen deca do wondrous things when stacked with both testosterone and dianabol (duh!). Deca can be used for cutting but this will be an individual matter-it makes some hold more water than others. For cutting purposes, the drug will mostly be used to elevate the nitrogen retention and protect muscle tissue. For this purpose, 400mg a week is often enough. If you are very advanced in development or usage, you may need 600-800mg when cutting. For bulking the previous stated upper range of 1000mg still holds. A dosage of 400-600 is probably sufficient for most users for all purposes (maybe less for cutting though-300-400mg/week).

Above is the brand Norma Hellas from Greece. They usually come 100mg per ml and 2ml per vial. This is the exact form of deca that my short little buddy used in his sustanon, d-bol, deca stack in college (read the story in the empirical cycles bulking section).