Cortisol and Your Health

Cortisol. The Evil word that most physiques athletes have been told to stay away from ever since we've all read about how to build a body. When you look at the clinical side of adrenal hormones, rather than simply the underground bodybuilding side, you will find the following essential elements:

1. Healthy adrenal hormones are essential for growth hormone, IGF-I, and androgen receptors to function optimally. -That is right. Without having some decent levels of cortisol, all the anabolics in the world will not work well.

2. Essential for brain function. -That brain fog in the morning is heavy with too much, but also too little adrenal hormone upon rising. Remember, it is a stress hormone. Life is stress. We need healthy "stress-hormone" levels.

3. Regulates vagal tone (blood pressure). -Without proper amounts of cortisol, we will experience what is called "orthostatic HYPOtension. What this means is a sudden sensation of dizziness upon standing. Never mind high blood pressure from anabolics and poor diet. Low blood pressure can actually be a challenge for many hard lifters with poor adrenal function. You can actually become extremely light headed upon standing and throughout the majority of your day if from having cortisol levels that are depleted. What depletes adrenal hormones? Heavy, hard, consistent training. High volume training. Inadequate minerals and trace minerals. Inadequate antioxidant levels. Poor or inefficient sleep. Being temperamental and easily angered at "the small stuff". So many things affect our body's tiny little pea-sized adrenal glands from manufacturing sufficient levels. And, as we have seen above, with respect to low or insufficient levels, there are just too many essential functions of this hormone.

Let's talk about how to keep healthy adrenal glands and healthy for optimal health, function, and quality of life.

Nutrition For the Adrenals