Conversations With an MD

"Clomid isn't good because it doesn't work for restoring testosterone in a way that make you feel healthy. HCG raises estrogen and can cause gyno, so an anti-estrogen is needed. If not clomid, then I know of nolvadex. Let's discuss some other options for post-cycle recovery or use of these drugs for anti-aging purposes".

This was a comment from a close friend and medical doctor this Sunday morning during our normal chat.

You see, medical doctors have a lot to offer if they are open-minded, still willing to learn after med school, and, especially, if they are fans of anabolics.

This section is going to have information regarding the countless conversations I have had with various medical doctors that have given quality insight into the safe use of anabolics.

I will title the topic and we can read and discuss them together in an upcoming forum. This forum will be designed so that you may briefly list your personal experience on a topic and we can discuss and figure out what was actually going on in your system during various positive or not-so-positive responses to various drug regimens.

The goal is to have unique contributions from everyone interested to learn and help others while also learning to help themselves have better, safer, and overall more enjoyable experiences with anabolics.

Please understand that the upcoming forum will be to LEARN and SHARE. NOT to debate. We will offer science based explanation of possible scenarios for different experiences and individuals. We are looking for intelligent, quality responses and shared experiences in order to combine all of our knowledge and experience together. In this way, we can all benefit. Using Clomid, Nolvadex, and HCG for PCT How To Use HCG for PCT