Clomid is probably the first drug you were ever told about when you first came into the iron/juice game. Clomid is one of the original "anti-estrogen" drugs. The original and medical use of this drug was intended for women who are having difficulty with conceiving. The clomid is thought to block estrogen receptors on the pituitary and hypothalamus and remove the negative feedback which prevents the LH sure from the pituitary.

Blah, blah, blah - if you didn't understand all that and you are not one of our more technical readers, have no fear, it doesn't matter. Just think back to elementary school math where two negatives made a positive. The pituitary has a negative loop (estrogen) that normally governs it and keep it from allowing a hormone called LH from being produced. In the male, LH from the pituitary tells the testicles to produce testosterone. So, if we remove the signal that prevents the brain from telling the testis to produce testosterone, whallah!!! Testosterone production.

Since the beginning of clomid use, all the drug has ever been thought to do in humans is block estrogen at the level of the pituitary (mainly) and the hypothalamus (little to minor). Blocking estrogen at these glands removes the negative feedback which then allows you to produce testosterone which is extremely useful after a long or even short cycle when endogenous testosterone has been shut off from negative feedback.

Since clomid is, itself a weak estrogen, it is also useful in preventing gynecomastia because it can bind to estrogen receptors in the breast which occupies them, not allowing the real estrogen to come along and cause us problems. Herein lies the magic of clomid. A time tested drug with very light if any side effects which blocks estrogen's effects cosmetically as well as functionally with respect to increasing your naturally produced testosterone.

Nobody needs more than 100mg of clomid per day unless you want to lose your sex drive while you get your testosterone back. What? Yup. Clomid is known to hook up to receptors in the brain and NOT activate them in the same way as regular estrogen does. Recall that regular estrogen in the male brain is responsible for libido. So, stick with 50mg per day and combine clomid with an aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole (arimidex) or letrozole (femara) at a low dose. Also throw in some proviron at 25mg per day and you should keep your sex drive while your HPTA loop re-establishes itself with the old boys below.

As a side note, clomid has listed side effects on eyesight that are suppose to be temporary. It is suspected that clomid acts as a free radical in the eye and causes disruption to the macula (part of the lens) while active in the system. Sounds really scary but I do not know of anyone in 15 years who has experienced this side effect. After all this free radical theory is unproven and if it ever is, all we have to do is take some good hefty doses of lutein and zeaxthin and your macula will be protected.

There are many brands of clomid available and it is easy to obtain either on the black market or through the internet...or so I've been told.

Optimal Use of Clomid