Unknown and Yet Both Scary and Essential Actions of the Drug Clomifene Citrate (Clomid): Estrogen Blocker. Really?

Clomid: An Estrogen Blocker? Read This!

   Clomid,clomiphene,clomifene,fertility use for over 40 years now and in all the circles traveled I was never told that it boosts...Estradiol. Yup. What?!!

   So how does this work? Well, lets go for...you got it...long known scientific fact to get all of us on the same page. Lets get right to the mechanism of action of the drug we know and love called Clomid.
   How does it work? The oldest and least accurate guides ever written are still accurate when it comes to how Clomid actually works to increase testosterone. It blocks receptors on the pituitary, not necessarily the hypothalamus from estradiol and acts as a weakestrogen. A few interesting things occur next.
   Once hooked up with the estrogen receptor on the pituitary the original estrogen is unable to "park in the occupied spot". This analogy is probably the simplest and most accurate view of a receptor "blocker".
   First and foremost, for a drug to act as a receptor blocker or antagonist (dork version of same meaning)it actually has to fool the receptor in order to be accepted by it and occupy the spot for the original estrogen molecule.