Using Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG to Optimize or Restore Leydig Cell Function

Let us begin with the topic mentioned in the introduction page for conversations with a medical doctor: clomid, nolvadex, hcg for optimizing leydig cell and testosterone function.

What we first discussed was how the drugs in question actually work. The "mechanism of action". Clomid, being a weak estrogen agonist, meaning it activates the estrogen receptor to some extent, can have SOME estrogenic affects. It is known that clomid blocks the potent estrogens like estradiol from exerting their affects on areas like the brain and the breast (men and women) by occupying estrogen receptors but not sending the same exact signal that the stronger estraDIOL will send. This is the basic mechanism for how clomid works to increase luetinizing hormone from the pituitary gland.

This is also why clomid is used as a fertility drug to induce LH release and ovulation in the female. This is also why clomid will work in men to increase testosterone production and sperm production by increasing the LH on the leydig cells of the testicles. Both of these actions occur by the same method, "removal of the negative feedback from the pituitary".

The challenge with clomid is that it activates estrogen receptors "weakly" and the GOOD thing about estrogen in the male brain is that it is the primary regulator of sex drive. So, when the MD said he doens't like clomid, the reason behind this is that clomid is stimulating receptors in the brain "weakly" but not in the normal manner that allows for a proper sex drive.

This is why if you have ever taken clomid for post-cycle recovery or PCT as many sites call it, you may have lost your sex drive even though your NATURAL testosterone (coming from the now stimulated leydig cells) is rising from the clomid. The negaitive feedback in the brain allows the LH to rise again which restores your natural testosteorne, but the estraDIOL affect is not there in the brain to make you "feel" like your testosterone is recovering.

So, contrary to popular belief, what you want to do if you are the type who truly "cycles" your drug not stop everything and go on HCG and clomid. Not unless you want to have some big fat old testis but feel like an "A sexual". What good is high testosterone if you don't FEEL like you have high testosterone?

What is the dose that tends to limit sex drive in the brain? 100mg per day. The funny thing is that every article I have ever read since I was 15 tells me to "load" the clomid at 100mg for 5-7 days, then go to 1 tab a day (50mg). This method is highly likely to kill your sex drive by the mechanism we described above.

A better way? Well, be sure to take ZMA (zing-magnesium-aspartate) to support your body's natural ability to make testosterone, and do not take more than 50mg (1 tablet) of clomid per day. Use clomid for up to 30 days while using your HCG. How to use HCG and what dose? How to Use HCG For Post-Cycle Recovery Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG