All About Bloodwork: Medically, Athletically, Aesthetically, and Longevity

    Bloodwork is a very important topic if longevity in the chemical enhancement world is part of your goal(s). The problem is, not many people (doctors included) can read lab biomarkers of toxicity, none the less know what to look for.

    Lets break this down by first defining what a toxin is for OUR purposes. Anytime we ingest a drug we add to the "toxic load". The toxic load is the net effect of all the drugs in our system at a given time, their side-effects, and their "break-down" metabolites(which are often the most toxic part of drug metabolism).

    We all know that not all drugs have an equal "toxic effect". That is, drugs have different degrees of TOXICITY. The rub is that many times the drugs that have the strength and desired action we are after usually have a higher toxicity. So what is a scientific-meathead to do?

    First, we can make sure to know a little bit about every drug we take and how they act with respect to increasing the body's toxic load. For example taking 50mg of Dianabol a day along with 100mg of Anadrol would take similar pathways of detoxification in the liver. While we are at it, lets quickly review the liver's detox pathways.

Phase I: Composed of the Cytochrome P450 Enzymes, this phase attaches chemical groups to drugs in order to begin the break-down process by making the substances that are to be eliminated - WATER SOLUBLE.

Phase II: This second phase of the liver's detox process takes the newly converted WATER SOLUBLE products and further breaks them down by attaching molecules which render them neutral (chemically harmless to the body). At this point the substances may be bonded, linked, or constrained by specific metabolic enzymes and can be in either solid or liquid form.

The KIDNEY: Mostly deals with acid/base balance in the body by shifting the body between acidic (strenuous activity) and alkaline (rest)