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Ultimate Guide to Anti-Estrogen Drugs for the Male Athlete:

How to Maximize the Effectiveness and Potency of Aromatase Inhibitors and Estrogen Blockers (SERMs) by Precise Combination and Drug Synergy


-Learn why killing estrogen completely is the worst thing you can do if you want to keep growing muscle...and...keep your old ticker beating

-The truth about the different anti-estrogenic drugs and their classifications

-Understand how each drug actually works, not just from opinion, but backed-up by referenced medical literature

-Gain Insight to the different types of aromatase inhibitors and which ones are best for your specific goals

-Learn what it really means to "block estrogen" and which drugs may not be doing the job you thought they were doing

-How do you determine drug potency? Is one drug of the same class equal to another?

-All antiestrogens were originally made to treat breast cancer in post-menopausal women. How is it that Biceps Bill from the gym knows the best dose to use? There has to be more to it-and there is...

-Discover which drugs compliment each other and how to get the most effect from the least dose

-Some estrogen blockers may put you at increased risk for cardiovascular disease-but which ones are they?

-Are tamoxifen and clomifen really that similar? How do you REALLY KNOW? What does the medical literature say?

-Do different drugs have different affinities for blocking the estrogen receptor?

-Is there more than one estrogen receptor that we should be concerned about?

-Understand why the concept of minimum doses can handle all but the most susceptible individual's estrogenic challenges

-Maximum drug synergy = less toxicity, more desired effect(s)

-Health enhancing properties of specific drugs

-Learn how to apply a practical and NOVEL technique to estimate the true 1/2 lives of antiestrogens and individualize your dose!

-Avoid bloating

-Avoid gynecomastia

-Avoid low sex drive (suppression of HPTA)

-Minimize testicular shrinkage from Anabolic Steroids

-Avoid unnecessary "red face" or "moon face"from the sauce

-Minimize stomach bloating

-Maximize the muscle building effects of your anabolic drugs

-Get the most bang for your buck from testosterone esters AND...

-Rediscover the true magic of bio identical testosterone and why it should be your foundation for being bigger, stronger, healthier, hornier, and...smarter?! Creams and gels suck!

-Learn how to use your anabolic drugs to minimize cardiovascular risk, rather than increase it

-Maximize post-cycle-recovery (PCR)with a better understanding of FACTUAL data applied to athletes rather than trusting the "gym ritual PCT"

-Learn how to manipulate estrogen no matter what your timetable by choosing drugs with the shortest time to peak (tPeak) in the bloodstream!

-Its all about the physiology...if there is no science to back up what you've been doing with yor estrogen protection, you can't afford to take another dose without getting this information!