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Anabolic steroids are our world. This is what we love. These drugs are truly a Godsend to all who respect them and use them wisely. As seasoned juicers, we know that side effects are virtually slim to none except for those few unfortunate people with some sort of genetic pre-disposition.

Minor side effects such as hair loss, skin break-outs, oily skin, water bloat, and sex drive (yikes, my most personal least favorite) are all relatively minor and do not occur to any great extent in the majority of individuals.

But what if you are one of the few plagued by the "not so common" side effects? What if you are susceptible to the more common side effects to some degree, but are not free from these small nuissances? Do you have to live with them? Unless you are taking pro dosages and mixtrures (and you already know my opinion, if you are, you better be a pro), you can keep virtually everything under control. The key lies in the proper use; timing, dosage, duration of the ancillary drugs.

What is an 'ancillary' drug anyway?

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An ancillary drug, for our purposes, can be defined as any drug that can be taken to off-set, the side effects sometimes associated with the use of anabolic steroids, or, to increase the desired effects of anabolic steroids. Didn't think the last part was coming, huh? Its true, specific non-anabolic drugs work very well with anabolic steroids and we are not just talking obvious drugs such as insulin and growth hormone (although we will have future discussions and guidance on both). Side effect prevention purposes range from various angles. As we've said before the main ones are your skin, your hair, your sex drive (and also those lovely raisin nuts juice causes you to have as testicles) and your degree of water retention. A good portion of these side effects stem from the relationship of estrogen and progesterone with respect to the male body. Some of the effects are caused by the sheer effect of the androgens alone. We will be able to greatly minimize side effects with proper ancillary drug usage, but there is no guarantee that we will eliminate it. The effectiveness of these drugs has everything to do with your diligence in using them correctly, and, your genetics.

The drugs we will discuss and provide profile links for are:

1. anti-estrogens

2. anti-progestins

3. DHT-blockers (both receptor and 5-alpha reductase-we'll get to this enzyme)

4. Acne drugs (such as acutane and benzyl peroxide)

5. pituitary and hypothalamic leutinizers (such as HCG)

Hang on tight...numerous pages are on your way that will show you the most underground methods of preventing/diminishing many of these nasty, annoying little side effects...

Profiles: clomid nolvadex arimidex

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