Anavar Drug Profile

Anavar is a very user friendly drug. It has very little affect on your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis...umm... your natural testosterone production. You have to use a ton of it for it to begin to shut down your own testosterone. Delivery is typically in tabs that are 2,5,10mg strength. In the past, many of may remember those old school 2.5mg tabs by Spa. Truth is, no one really even knows if Spa still exists. I know of a few individuals that have kept "vintage" anabolics around-label and all, like they were rare "hall of fame" rookie cards. The important thing is anavar will never go away due to underground labs and motivated individuals need to either sell it(it is pricey), or take it.

Due partially to the low androgen content, there is not much to gain as far as size goes with this drug. However, if you use it in sufficient dosage-at least 20mg per day, it has excellent strength stimulating qualities. Oxandrolone is one of the best drugs for athletes who want to gain strength but not a lot of size. Aromatization does not occur at all and the low androgens make it great for individuals who are sensitive to the hair and skin side-effects of DHT. There are basically zero side affects with this drug.

The basic mechanism of action which increases strength is by the drug's unique ability to stimulate large amounts of creatine phosphate storage in your muscle cells. Yes, regular old creatine does this too but not nearly as well as the new bonded such as later generation forms such as AKG, malic-acid bonds, arginine-bonds, and many others. However, they are no where near as potent. More creatine stored in the muscle, more muscle torque, longer time until fatigue during an intense set; prolonged fatigue accumulation, which enables you to bang out a few more reps toward the end of your intense set. This over time adds up to a stimulus by way of overload. We love overload, it makes us grow! Think of it as a good spotting buddy and a super creatine. A few extra reps at the end of very intense sets and quality strength stimulation.

Like all other orals, the 17-alkylated structure has the ability to stress your liver. Anavar is very light on the liver in sane dosages. A range of 30-40mg per day seem to be best when anavar is not used by itself. It is best used for bulking with a heavy injectable androgen that stimulates size and strength. The added strength gain from the anavar will help the bulking androgen do its job better.

For leanness, anavar is a good drug as well. Combined with other, non-aromatizing drugs, you can effectively put together a low toxicity stack that will help you retain your hard earned muscle and get extremely tight. Combined it with a non-aromatizing androgen such as primo, winstrol, or trenbolone will be enough to protect most individual's muscle mass. If you carry a good deal of lean mass-over 240 and less than 10 percent bodyfat, this will probably not be enough drugs to protect your tissue when you diet. For all else, this should be sufficient.

Post-cycle use is another excellent time to use this drug. If you come off with it, while letting the other drugs get completely out of your system, you will keep your strength higher for a longer period of time (hopefully until your next round of drugs). There is very little negative affect on your natural testosterone production at any dose. For complete recovery, you should eventually stop the anavar as well and run a recovery course of HCG, clomid, nolvadex, proviron, etc. anavar cutting combinations

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