Anadrol Drug Profile

Anadrol is the most potent oral anabolic steroid known to man. This much is fact. Most anabolic sources say it is the most potent anabolic of all. I disagree. Not even milligram for milligram. If you can ever get your hands on IP (International Pharmaceutical's) 50mg winstrol or d-bol tabs, you will see what I mean. On a per milligram basis, anadrol is not the strongest anabolic steroid.

As a standalone anabolic, anadrol ranks up there. But let's be real, how many people don't stack? Okay, not many. So, this is a moot point for most. In fact, even if you wanted to take only one drug, you would get better quality gains doing a higher dose testosterone only cycle with some anti-estrogens on hand. Dianabol would be an excellent choice also. If you have never taken more than 25mg a day of dianabol, this would be a safer choice before resorting to anadrol.

Anadrol has a weak affinity for the androgen receptor and has a heavy DHT affect. Hair loss is common. Sex drive typically drops somewhat. Personally, have not heard of many skin break-outs on anadrol, maybe that is because although the drug is androgenic, it is also close in structure to progesterone (which we've previously mentioned). When a teenaage girl is on birth control, pills that have a higher percentage of progesterone tend to alleviate acne. This is a slight stretch, but you get my drift. Either way, I have never known an athlete who developed horrible juice skin from anadrol alone.

Anadrol is best used at the beginning of a cycle for a jump start. It will make you hold water and cushion your joints. It will greatly positively affect your nitrogen balance enabling you to heal rapidly. You will hardly ever be sore and when you are, you will heal very quickly and be able to train again. It is a great drug for coming back to the weights after a long layoff or from being sick.

Anadrol also increases hematocrit to a large degree. Increased hematocrit will thicken your blood, provide for increased pumps during working out, and increase your oxygen carrying capacity (slightly) do to the erthropoesis that the drug is known to cause (increased red blood cell production).

Dosages range in a more narrow range from 1-3 tabs per day. I don't know too many people who have gone over three, 50mg A-bombs per day and wouldn't advise doing it-even for short periods of time. Even the pros I've known generally don't exceed three tabs per day. Of course, they are stacking the drol with at least two injectables and at least one other oral. But we aren't pros (many of us wish) and most of us reading this are not 280lbs+ at under six foot and under 10 percent bodyfat. So, please, don't go over three tabs per day. If you really want an even stronger cycle, we will talk about how to do it as we go by combining other non-toxic drugs with the drol. But for your health sake, for now, do not go over three tabs per day (150mg).

Most individuals can gain a good deal of weight on anadrol. Somewhere in the neighborhood of ten to fifteen pounds in eight weeks. Stories I have read about gaining fourty pounds or two pounds a day for the first three weeks or so are hogwash. Maybe if you just came out of a coma and were completely withered, never lifted before and never ate more than a 4oz chicken breast in a get my drift. Seasoned users of anabolic steroids can expect around 3-8lbs gain in four to six weeks. This is a more realistic number based on what I have seen and experienced.

If you have been in a mass gaining rut, anadrol could be your answer to break your bodyweight set point. Be advised that a good deal of what you gain may come right off within a week or two of stopping the drol. Remember, it increases your blood volume, red blood cells, and makes you hold more overall water. Much of the weight you gain will be from these causes. It is probably best to stay on a hefty dose of testosterone for at least four weeks followiing coming off of anadrol so that you do not experience a size, strength, and overall bodyweight crash when coming off. The testosterone should soften or illinate th crash. You should at least be able to maintain your gains while on the test.

Staying on test for a few weeks will also allow your bodyweight to become more comfortable at its new weight. You still may lose some when you cycle off the test, but if you bridge (we will talk about this technique soon) you should be able to keep most of what you gained from the anadrol. More to come, please check in often.