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Performance Enhancing Drug Discussion and sport-specific-steroids. How they work, why they work, which ones are best for a given purpose/goal, mostly scientific fact backed by academic graduate level education but mixed with an underground mix of flavor having been both a competitor and coach in bodybuilding and strength sports.

Cutting and Shredding Body-Fat with Anabolic Steroids

Cutting-Shredding-Theory Behind the Best Anabolic Steroids for Body-Fat Loss

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Masteron Cutting/Shredding Bullet Points

Dromostanolone aka Masteron Bullet Points For Cutting/Shredding and controlling SHBG

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Stanozolol and Cutting

Stanzolol and Cutting/Shredding

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Peptides 101, Hexarelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, CJC-1295, Ipamorelin

5 Most Common GH Peptides: Hexarelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, CJC-1295, Ipamorelin

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An old friend who has made himself well known and liked in the bodybuilding community gives a nice shout out to me on a recent bodybuilding podcast - April 6th, 2015 on "Inside Bodybuilding"

Link to episode 4 of "Inside Bodybuilding" podcast where an old friend who is from my same home town - gives me a nice shout out during his interview. PJ Braun - a former NPC nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder is currently the CEO of Blackstone Labs supplement company.

During a fairly technical portion (Q and A) of his interview with the host of the podcast, PJ respectfully references my name with respect to safe and effective physique-drugs and their application (specifically, T3 use for pre-contest dieting and getting lean). This occurs right around the 1 hour and 20 minute mark of this 3+ hour (PJ is the 2nd of three guests) episode. Check it out!

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Truth Behind Recent Testosterone Media "Scares"

The Truth Behind the Recent Media and Commercial and Legal Television Advertising Concerning Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy "Scares" and Alternative Motives - Truth Disclosed

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Drug Testing and Athletes Who Fail the Tests: NOT a Verified Certificate of Talent and Hard Work Dismissal!!

Confusion between blood doping and testosterone boosting above that of the norm (physiological level dictated by lab reference ranges) is a big mess these days in sports, media reporting, and therefore the lay-person's opinion. Fans of all different sports are progressively and aggressively misled by the mainstream media as they portray many of the hardest working and most elite athletes in a guilt-ridden, defaming and immoral light.

Herein lies a big part of the problem in professional sports and drug testing. The influence that the mainstream media has over the average viewer/listener is mind-erasing…and often totally reprogramming in its nature. How can any sane person truthfully condemn athletes who fail PEDS tests yet fully support rehab and or 'recovery' phases for other athletes who cheat on their wives with hookers, get busted for various recreational drug offenses, arrested for assaults on individuals in public places like bars and clubs, and generally, treat their influential position of a "pro" athlete as a joke with their poor overall behavior and demeanor.

This propaganda, in and of itself, is going to be a recurring topic from time to time that I cannot help but discuss depending on what is going on at the time (mostly in the news/media). Dysregulated priorities as they are emphasized from the mainstream media are at the heart and root of the causation of gossip, drama, negativity. Generally the mainstream media powerfully promotes the escalation and perturbation the common man by presenting its information to the masses by targeting emotion rather than fact, truth, or logic.

By doing so, they are enabling the common man to dismiss the most talented and best sportsmen in the world as mere "cheaters" who would be nothing without their drugs. This further promotes future generations which are taught the fine art of poor self-reliance coupled with major entitlement issues - from little league and junior varsity sports - to college entry acceptance and future career opportunities and accomplishments.

In elite sports, the more at stake, the more athletes will find a way to elevate their performance: through hard work, through discipline, through sacrifices in various areas of life, and yes - performance enhancing drugs (PEDS). The other half of the equation is that although drugs have no place in sport when one competitor has an illegal and substantially legitimate (scientifically proven) advantage over another, it also has no place in being offered by the media and society as a 100% dismissal of all of the former characteristics we just mentioned. Without the ability, hard work, God-given talent, and intelligent and highly accurate sport-specific training that takes years of dedicated work to create the most from God-given potential, PEDS are ABSOLUTELY worthless.

Bread and Butter Basics of TRT...Prerequisite for Intelligent TRT+PEDS Conversaions

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): The Bread and Butter Basics of Grasping the Truth Behind Athletic Advantage as it Pertains to Anabolic Steroids and Related PEDs

Most labs have a testosterone (T) level of total = <1200ng/dL on the high end 'ceiling' of 'normal' and >300 on the low end of T deficiency. Below 300ng/dL is generally considered by most M.D.s as clinical "hypogonadism". This is exactly what it sounds like - clinically low (and therefore verified by a licensed M.D. "low testosterone"). Technically, anyone with a level tested below 300ng/dL warrants a medical need for testosterone replacement (corrective) therapy.

It is known that the peak in human physiology for testosterone production lies in the years between 18-25 for most healthy men. (no pre-existing medical conditions, reasonably healthy lifestyles; no smoking etc.). Although training of specific types has been associated with elevated testosterone levels, studies do not back up a sustained elevation above the norm. What this means is that there are known spikes and valleys of testosterone production in association with specific activities such as strength/weight training, however the changes are acute (real time-such as n increased pump) and slight (non-"statistically" significant).

We can safely say that a testosterone level above 1150ng/dL is where one would need to be in order to clearly cross the line from "physiological" to "supra-physiological" (supra = above, or above what is known to be normal or possible). For all intensive purposes this means "cheating benefit" BEGINS at some undefined quantity once 1150ng/dL is surpassed by pushing the level higher via injections (in most athletic cases; MMA, Armstrong, etc.).

Recall that the title of this small section on TRT/PEDS is "Bread and Butter Basics"...that is...the bare minimum understanding needed to make any logical argument for or against TRT IN GENERAL. Each case is specific and no two cases of TRT/PEDS use and or athlete cases of failed drug tests are exactly the same. Many factors come into play such as metabolism, drug dosing regimens (frequency), and various other major components of genetics that influence what is needed for a given athlete in order to obtain a clear and unfair edge compared to a truly CLEAN competitor. Each sport is different in the science and art of ideal TRT and or PEDS application for the purpose of performance enhancement. Only by understanding the demands of the sport (exercise physiology) additionally with a firm understanding of anabolic and catabolic processes with respect to drug potency, can ANY real substance be added to the topic that is smeared all over the general media reporting platform.

Athlete Proponent and Athlete Supportive (100%) Disclaimer: to the ignorant few that makes stating the following absolutely necessary: Boosting T-levels above the physiological range for a snapshot in time (ex. getting nailed and failing a piss test) does not automatically imply that magical and super-human advantages where suddenly experienced by the athlete in question, and we will get to this critical point...no doubt my friends.

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