Adrenal-gland-nutrition for optimal function

Adrenal-gland-nutrition is paramount is an absolute necessity for long term well-being. Adrenal glands are often overlooked and many times taken for granted until energy levels crash from years of abuse and nutrient depletion. The adrenals are essential to optimal well being as well as the effectiveness of various athletic drug regimens and sport specific supplementation programs. Various nutrients are specifically needed by the adrenals in order to support maximum function and energy. Adrenal exhaustion can be avoided with proper adrenal-gland-nutrition. There are some commercial supplements that are made for the adrenals but it is always good to put together your own regimen.

The adrenals as we know make adrenaline. But they also make another substance called noradrenaline as well as cortisol, cortisone, and aldosterone. This is not an all-inclusive list and there are many other conversions that take place but for now we'll keep our interest on these three hormones. With respect to physique they control a large amount of the body's water balance and that translates into how much subcutaneous water you hold on your physique. Without the proper nutrient being fed to the adrenals on a regular basis, the body does not have ideal water balance in various compartments.

Basic outline of bare minimum nutrients for adrenal support:

B5 - 50mg/day

B6, preferably in the P5P form which bypasses the need for an digestive environment and is much more bioavailable -50mg/day

B12 - 200-400mcg/day

Magnesium - 400mg/day

Salt - don't add, but don't restrict it from your diet

Vitamin C - 1000-2000mg/day (4000mg/day if you are exhausted)

Bioflavinoids - consume in a 1:2 ratio with vitamin C, for example, if you are taking 1000mg vitamin C per day, take 500mg of bioflavinoids along with it. This will enhance the absorption and function of the vitamin C.

There are many formulas and combinations that are effective in repairing the adrenals for those of you who have been in some form of adrenal exhaustion for years without really knowning it. adrenal-gland-nutrition supplements