Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a poorly misunderstood topic. No one is immune from TRT ignorance - not athletes, not the layperson, and especially not medical doctors, nurses, and everyone and anyone who falls into a 'general health care' sector. The reason is simple: TRT is not a 'general' topic. Just because you may have heard about testosterone and what it is and does since you were five years old doesn't necessarily mean that you truly know anything about it.

Laying the Groundwork for Understanding

Why do I say this? Because there are very few ways to obtain true and factual knowledge on the topics of TRT just as there are very few ways of learning the art and science of AAS use for physique or athletic performance enhancement without learning a ton of bias and opinion along the way. We can't help it - the people we trust are who we learn from and the people we trust have inherent opinions based on personal experience because, well, they are human beings and just like you and I, have personal bias...even when they don't mean to.

Worse off for everyone, there is currently no academic formal schooling that teaches this stuff. What? What about your endocrinologist? NOPE. If you have a very severe abnormal endocrine condition or god forbid a tumor of some sort, then go to your endocrinologist. They will have to work with your oncologist.

What about your General Practitioner(GP?) - really guys? We all know better. So where do you learn? From doing, seeing, and experimenting. What about researching? What about doing all four for years on end? That is what I will display for you in these TRT columns and the reason why this site has had such long stints of inactivity on my part over the last few years.

I have been working both as a medical partner in a small practice as a 'medical-research-consultant' in TRT/AAS and hormonally related metabolic challenges of the mainstream population (and a few athletes along the way of all different levels) for the last 4-5 years. This is another attempt to finally put down much of what I have learned in a format that all my fellas out there can and will benefit from without all the contradiction and confusion. Ready?

So what are the facts and what is TRT?

In its most pure form TRT is a form of preventive medicine that looks at the diseases that relate to low and or decreasing testosterone known to occur in aging, and try to catch the point of deterioration of the mind and body before it snowballs into multi-factorial categories and variables of misery and loss of quality of life.

Restoration of the body. Giving it a fighting chance. Not juicing it. Not 'cheating' - but rather - giving your body roughly the hormonal tools it had in your early to mid thirties in order to avert as many aspects of age-related disease and dysfunction as possible.

Plain and simple, this is a qualitative common ground understanding for us to get on the same page and understand what this awesome topic is all about so we can get to much more detail, depth, and straight forward useable and practical know-how on how to do your own TRT if you so choose.