Peptides and Research Chemicals 101

Brief Descriptions of some of the Most Researched Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Peptides (and common dose ranges)

     Peptides and Research Chemical Vendors throughout the web have been around for some time now. Although I have no disclaimer due to the fact that I do not currently sell or affiliate with any of the companies selling these products, I have no hesitation in stating that I am a fan of various vendors online who have treated me well with both product(s) and service.  For now, here is some generic info on the most common GHRPs that I have first hand knowledge of with respect to their efficacy and safety.  

The "GHRPs": Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides: All Cousins of the Heavily Researched, Endogenous Intestinal Peptide - Ghrelin


     The original poster drug for GHRP ‘fragments’. It represents the discovery and exploitation of the 10 amino acid (AA) active portion of the original peptide, Ghrelin.      

     Similar to how all Anabolic Steroids exist due to synthetic (man-made) modifications of the body’s own parent hormone testosterone, the GHRPs exist due to the discovery of Ghrelin, but rather than the entire molecule, specifically and ONLY – the 10 AA linked section (specific section of the peptide structure) which is responsible for the activity of the (parent) hormone.  Virtually every GHRP that has efficacy in the human body is programmed to be recognized by 10 or less of these amino acid sequences.  

1. GHRP-2: 

     One of the most researched and original Ghrelin mimetic drugs (200-600mcg/injection/dose).
2. GHRP-6:  together with GHRP-2, one of the duo original Ghrelin mimetic drugs. Plenty of studies (even human studies) on this drug/peptide (200-600mcg/injection/dose).
3. Hexarelin – original Ghrelin mimetic. Plenty of studies on this one although the half-life seems to be a problem with showing truly effective use from 1x day dosing in aging human populations.(200-600mcg/injection/dose).

4. Ipamorelin: 

     I've tried this one before but didn’t take enough, for long enough time to truly and objectively assess the effectiveness, yet, still noticed mild but pleasant and noticeable GH-like effects (mild improvement in sleep quality, mood, stabilization of daytime energy - i.e. less of a mid afternoon 'slump').  Personally - Believe this item has much possible merit and plan on using it at higher doses in the near future for longer periods of time (200-500mcg/injection/dose).

5. CJC-1295: 

     Multiple studies have shown a clear "enhancing" of GH and IGF-I to significant levels of replacement which rival those of young and healthy humans…proven IGF-I/GH axis restorative qualities in health-normal-adults.  Has the longest tested and verified half-life to date of all the secretagogues available with a once per week dose schedule still demonstrating effectiveness.  The form sold as an ‘upgrade’ – known as CJC-1295 “WITH DAC” is simply the same exact molecule, but with an added “tail” to make the drug have a much longer half-life.

     The half-life of this version has been proven effective for significantly elevating GH and IGF-I in normal, healthy men and women into the upper ranges and typically sustains these levels on only 1 subcutaneous injection per week.  CJC-1295 has also shown the ability to sustain the IGF-1 boost for up to 3-4 months after the last injection before decreasing and in some subjects semi-indefinitely (at least until the subjects were no longer tested/measured - longest I've personally seen in literature - 6 months).