The Truth Behind the Recent Testosterone "Scares" by the Media and the Legal Firms Advertising Lawsuits on T.V. 

What is up with all the testosterone "scares" in the news lately.  Simple:  things that are not new, becoming new - due to someone, somewhere getting news of a legal case where someone won  money somewhere for something that was ludicrous with respect to personal responsibility and or general accountability.  

Case in point - the motorist that beat another motorist decades ago (mid-80's I believe) who's lawyer used the fact that he was a juice monkey to "excuse" the behavior and the act of beating the crap out of the other "normal" road rager.  The lawyer no doubt dug up a study on the basic temperamental-aggressive effects that testosterone in general is known to have on animals like roosters and chickens.  

I witnessed this first hand in bio lab back in the 1990's during undergraduate studies at UCONN.  The "T-propionate treated roosters" were bigger, impressive looking, and attacked the cage that confined them in lab if you got too close.  Now, if you have a rooster brain, complete with a rooster physiology, then juicing up may be an excuse to go out and beat a fellow (and just as "ragy" motorist. get the picture - we are not roosters.  Not even close.  End of argument.  However, apparently this worked in court - getting the offending beast off scott free of his unacceptable and animalistic behavior.  

Enter the modern day commercials...Have you or someone you know been serious injured by _______(fill in any type of form of testosterone pharmaceutically available - why limit potential winning of unearned money that you do not have a right to, right?) by a testosterone drug?  If you or someone you know have stroked out, had a heart attack or died...well...give us a call.  It may be testosterone's fault (and the ever increasing pot that is bordering on the billion dollar mark as of 2014 that was less than 100M a decade ago).  

So, come back from the dead and call our _____(law firm).  We like making money.  And we will even give you some.  

Here's whats up?  Testosterone has been known for over 50 years to have potent effects on bone marrow along with everything else it is known for.  Bone metabolism with enhanced stimulation on the bone marrow stimulates RBCs (red blood cells) to increase in number and sometimes in size per red blood cell - clinically and medically this is known as an increased "MCV" or mean corpuscle volume.  

So RBCs increase in number and size to some extent from any pharmaceutical supplement that is used correctly and consistently enough to provide the many benefits that TRT offers.  However, two readings need to be addressed on the follow-up labs and this "addressing" is solely on the responsible shoulders of your knowledgeable physician.  Just in case you haven't been told - they are:

1.  Hemoglobin (Hgb) - you want to be < 18.5% on any blood (serum) test.  This is the measure - as a percentage - of the quantity total of a vital enzyme (Hb) that carries the oxygen that your RBCs are responsible for carrying throughout your body.

2.  Hematocrit (HCT) - you want to be <51% on any blood test. This is the overall number and size of your RBCs(as listed above in the description) and is your direct blood viscosity (density or thickness).  Because all blood cells take up space - having more of any one type can and will increase the density of your an extent.  This is often a very minor extent.  One that keeps you in the physiological (lab referenced) range where your whitecoat tells you "you are fine".  

Once in a while however, these numbers - either 1 or 2 above - can slightly exceed the top end of the recommended lab listed range...and friends - is the reason for the "new" (not really unless 50+ years is new in ANY sort of CONTEXTUAL significance) findings on TESTOSTERONE and how DEADLY it can be.  What a joke. Talk about ignorance and greed promoted by media and alternative motives.  Man this kind of thing pisses me off!! And nobody ever says a damn thing.  Unless they are saying what the media and the money-mongers are wanting you to hear.  

Summary: the effects that are being purported as evil and mortal with respect to testosterone are simply a reinvented and twisted "subjective-fact" that is being used to manipulate the few unfortunate people who are in the niche of interest with TRT that do no due diligence of their own.  This could potentially keep someone from pursuing the therapy they need to be healthy and have a happy (good quality) life.  Bottom line solution is that in the rare cases where a man on TRT has either HCT or Hb elevate slightly out of the range - simply give a pint of blood twice a year and you will be fine.  Thats standard protocol for any "authority" or "academy" or "group" of any merit the world over with respect to correct and competent TRT protocol. rarely happens when the correct doses and frequency of dosing is applied (ex.  < or = 250mg testosterone (any long ester, preferably a sustanon-type blend so the 'peaks' and the 'troughs' of typical injections don't play havoc with the patient's quality of life and hormonal benefits of therapy) not more than every 10-12 days.