GH, T3, T4 and Dieting

Growth Hormone accelerates T4 to T3 conversion. What this means is that if you are taking growth while dieting, you will make more T3 out of your available T4. This is due to the GH having an effect on elevating the enzyme 5'deiodinase. The problem with this is that it works great for a few weeks, but then the T4 begins to run a bit low and you can no longer convert much T3. So, the remedy is to add in some T4 with your T3. Besides, T3 downregulates (decreases) the 5'deiodinase enzyme that is converting the T4 to T3. This is a negative feedback similar to the testes-hypothalamus-pituitary when testosterone is elevated from testosterone injections.

So, the GH accelerates fat loss for a few weeks at an unbelievable rate...and then seems to slow down or even stop. By supplying your system with mostly T4 and just a bit of T3, you allow the GH you are spending all that money on to keep making more T3 from the T4 by way of elevating that great enzyme 5'deiodinase. The amount of T3 you will need will be lower than if you tried to get cut-up on T3 alone, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25mcg total. Maybe less. The T4 will be somewhere between 50 and 100mcg/day. Remember, information purposes only. These are interesting...theories. Don't think I ever got to a legitimate 4% by using these techniques.


By the way, anyone saying that they are below 3% bodyfat, does not understand true bodyfat physiology-the brain and spinal cord have a cushion of fat around it protecting these structures. This is why an underwater tank always gives a higher than expected reading for really lean athletes. If you are a true 3%, then your calipers are getting zero on your test. There is no such thing as 0% bodyfat.

Actually, 3% is the lowest possible because if you were able to lose the internal bodyfat around your brain and spinal cord, you would be dead. A true 5% is shredded...4% is gross veins on the abs and an ability to hold water (by pouring it, not "holding" it subcutaneous) between the blocks of developed rectus (ask me how I know). A true 3% is a true 0% by way of calipers, well, Momo Benaziza and Andreas Munzer can tell you how to do that (those of you who get this understand the risk of what I am saying in taking bodyfat levels this low-I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT).

ADDITIONAL CAUTION: If you are dieting hard and taking GH and thyroid hormones, make sure to read the section on cortisol and adrenal exhaustion. GH and thyroid (both T4 and T3) greatly accelerate adrenal gland fatigue and demand for adrenal horomones and adrenal gland nutrition. Add to this the stress/trauma of a hard diet and grueling workouts and you may risk much more adverse affects than simply being a little dizzy upon standing. If you exhaust your adrenals while on this regimen, you will hold water on your physique, and more seriously, you will greatly strain your kidneys if your blood pressure becomes too low.

Consider this: we all hear about how oral anabolics are so toxic. Yet there has never been one single bodybuilder who retired/got sick/died due to liver toxicity and failure. It is always something having to do with the gut, or the KIDNEYS. The kidneys do not like chronically low or chronically high blood pressure. The tiny arterioles inside these structures are amazingly sensitive to damage. Cortisol from the adrenals regulates every single function in the body to some degree (directly or indirectly) Are you starting to see why using GH, thyroid hormones, and cortisol blocking drugs on top of anabolics (which naturally interfere with cortisol) is a weeeeeeeee bit of an overkill? Please be careful. We need healthy adrenals and SOME cortisol to survive.